Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Week?

Part of the reason I haven't posted in almost a week is because these guys .....
...went up to camp for several days.

And when they're in town .... 
...they're playing softball. Lots, and lots of softball.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


So ..... this is new.
E got some hair to wear.
We've been super lucky to have some LittleA time this week.
And softball is still in full swing. Get it ..... in FULL SWING.
Har-dee har-har.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Road Trip--1,486 kilometers

We had a really fun time at the hotel. Friends .... wizardry .....
..... waterslides.
Did I mention friends? Great times.
I think I could hear these little cuties giggling before we even arrived.
I was trying to squeeze as much cuteness in as I could
And I wasn't the only one who was enjoying the little people.
Is it just me or do these little kids make my big kid look even bigger?
There was a little bit of silliness as we tried to take our group photo ..... 
... but we managed to pull it together and get it done.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Makin' it

You know when you get a picture in your mind?
This guy has been reading a book series in which the main character wears a cloak.
A very specific cloak as it turns out .... one that could not be purchased.
After a quick trip to the fabric store I got to work based on the drawings he made me.
A little help from a website (see here) for guidance and ..... Voila!
He loves it.

In our backyard stood a shed. An old, run down, squirrel inhabited shed.
And it had to go.
We intended to make use of as much of the old materials as was possible so we took it apart layer by layer.
Sorting out the 'yuck' from the 'useful'.
Moving the shed location back to the corner where the old tree used to be opened up the yard.
It turned out better than we ever hoped.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Friday & Saturday

Just a couple of random goat pictures.

As the boys get older they find themselves at the 'older' end of the age group for some activities.
This Friday we participated in an outdoors fun day and both were able to take on a bit of a leadership role with their younger group members.
So Grandad taught M and K. Then they taught E and A.
Eventually that trickled down to teaching me.
And now we all know how to shingle a roof.
Thanks for the lesson Grandad.

Thursday, June 04, 2015


Just a couple of pictures of the kids working transitional phrases/words into their writing.
I put these into a bowl while they started writing a story on a topic of their choosing. 
Every five minutes or so they had to randomly choose a slip of paper and include it in their writing.

Tom the Turtle
Tom was a turtle. He lived in a nicepond with mossy rocks, tall grass around and lots of minnows to eat!! One day Tom was resting in a clump of seawedd when nearby, he saw a frog struggling because his leg was stuck under a rock. Tom then swam over to see if he could help. Tom asked the frog "What's your name?" 
The frog said"Scott". 
"Okay Scott can I help? I'm Tom by the way" said Tom.
"At this instant not really" said Scott. "Only thing I could think of is you could pull off this rock I'm under"
"Hhhhmmmmmmmmm" thought Tom "No that's too heavy." But at the same time, a water snale came slithering towards them. Tom saw it and turned around to face it. "Good thing I'm a snapper" Tom muttered to himself.
"What!!!!!!" Scott yelled "He's gonna eat me!!! He's gonna eat me!!!!!" Scott bellowed. 
Meanwhile, Tom was battling it out with the snake. He was snapping and slapping that snake around. After a few minutes the snake swam away. What Tom didn't notice was the fifty frogs coming his way.
Scott yelled "Finally! You frogs are here"
"You know these frogs? Tom said.
"Yyyyyup" said Scott.
The fifty frogs then helped Tom pick up the rock and help Scott back to his home.
The End

Iron Man vs. Electro
Iron Man whizzed by the Baxter Building right on Electron's tail. Thanks to his Mark 6 Armour he can fly by buildings even faster. Nearby, Electro is getting ready to land where he can put his evil scheme to action. He lands right on top of the Oscorp Tower where he puts the AED. with the rest of the machine. At this instant, a big black shape comes out of the shadows. Venom. The big machine starts humming. 
Then, Electro starts explaining, "This is a Phantom Beam strong enough to make the whole heli-carrier explode."
--(At the same time, Venom infiltrates the Oscorp Building.)--
"Well", said Iron Man, "you will have to take me down first!"
"Too bad you're too late. While I was talking the Photon Canon was charging up and now {{Click}} the countdown has started" said Electro.
With this in mind, Iron Man jumps in front of the canon and when Venom goes to push him out of the way {{BOOM}} Venom is down with his weakness ...[Electricity]. 
Two blasts from Iron Man's arm blasters and Electro is down for the count.
The End

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

New Dr. Who

Here's our Dr.Who fun for today.
It's a little different because we won't be watching an episode but instead reading one of fifty short stories that were written to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Dr.Who.
Here's the one we did last week. I forgot to post it last week.
Week 36 June1-5
Unit Study- Dr.Who
History-Vietnam/Asia After WW2
Ma- E-Add/Sub Integers A-Adding Fraction& Mixed #s
Extra Curricular
Baseball x 3
French x 2
Youth Group
Homeschool Amazing Race

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures