Saturday, December 29, 2007

The New Camera

E loves his new camera. He took over 50 pictures today. He also finally let his brother take a turn and A took a bunch of photos also. They love this thing!!! I think the pics look cool so I'll post a few here. I will edit out however the 26 pics he took of my mom's cat today.
First A's pictures.

Now E's pictures.

Also, while at Grnny's today E decided that his puppy was having a birthday party tomorrow after church. So I had to jump into the kitchen and whip up a puppy dog birthday cake. It's supposed to look like a dog bone.
This is the birthday dog and a pic of E making the invitations.

Friday, December 28, 2007

E's New Camera

E was ecstatic to find that he received a digital camera for Christmas from his GrndmDerdre and GrndpaTrry(or DeeDee and Bubba). He has been running around snapping pics of EVERYTHING. Here is a sampling of his pics.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Food, Food, Food and Friends and Family

The table looked beautiful and the food was delicious. We were fortunate to have LittleK and her parents for dinner.
The whole Nlsn contingent was there including GrandmaT. A dug right in to his meal.
E certainly didn't let anything stop him either. After dinner the kids had a play in the livingroom.
There was singing, dancing and merriment. I can't wait until next year.

Mrry Christmas

Here are the pics of the day.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Someone's Coming To Town

We were supposed to have some company coming into town for Christmas but plans changed at the last and it's just us four here for the holiday. We're so lucky to have family and friends in town that we still feel surrounded by love and merriment.
The boys really are enjoying the movie The Polar Exprss. We were able to tape it when it was on t.v. and they have watched it almost every night since last week.
We took all the kids to the indoor playground at the mall and took pics of them in their Christmas shirts. It's pretty hard to get them to sit still for long but we did our best!
M and I took the kids to the museum on Sat for a couple hours. That place is always fun and we still haven't done all the areas yet!
And today we had the immediate fam over to open presents. Everyone really had a great idea of what the kids were interested in as the kids were very pleased with their toys.
It's hard to believe that Christmas is going to be over soon.

Monday, December 17, 2007

More Christmas Stuff

We have all been hit with a bit of a stomach bug but we're on the mend. The pic on the right is our new, to us, couch that we found on a second-hand website here in the city.

We have been catsitting for G2K and E is very enamored with her. He will be sad when she heads back to her new home. I'm not sure why she tolerates his cuddling all the time.
Also, tonight we did another Christmas craft/baking. We made these really cool 3D cookies using a cookie cutter set that GrandmaDrdre gave us. All of the cookies stand up and although I did the majority of the actual labor the boys enjoyed playing in the flour and dough and icing. E actually said at bedtime that he thought he had eaten maybe a bit too much icing.

Update Dec2020

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