Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Quiz-And Why Daddy is More Fun

So I have been thinking of putting a quiz on here for everybody and here it is. The first person to accurately answer the question will have a TimHrtn's of Starbcks gift certificate sent to them.
Name the ThomsTrains starting with train Number One through Number Seven. Good Luck.

The kids definitely think M is more fun. Saturday a.m. I had a little sleep in and when I came downstairs I got a taste of why that is....they had SO many toys out and they are breakfast downstairs in front of the cartoons!!! Not to mention the spinning and the roughousing. Daddy is fun.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Little A

Little A likes to jump on the fold-out bed downstairs. I'm not certain it's the safest activity but it sure cracks him up. Unfortunately he gets progressively wilder as the jumps go on. Shortly after this video was shot he landed so hard on his belly he flipped backup ONTO the top of his head and right over onto his back. I had to put a stop to it then and he was unhappy.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What A Week

Well it's not often that I allow this much time to go by before I get another post on here but this has been a busy week. I have been volunteering at the church with VBS in the craft room from 9-12. We are doing crafts for 200 kids each day...whew!! Also I had my normal Tuesday teaching with my senior citizens and the boys each had a dentist appointment today. Plus of course dinner, laundry, playing, date night, sorority meeting etc etc etc. BUT that is still no excuse not to share the cuteness of the boys. So here are some pics of E trying to ride his bike without training wheels are per his request. He asked us to put the training wheels back on afterwards so I think it will be a bit longer until he starts riding without them but it was still fun to try. Then there's one of the boys playing trains with the little boy who camps beside us at the campground.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Thmas' Day Out

I'll say it all with pictures today. A was fascinated with the balloon animal that was made for him, he couldn't believe how it was made. Also, we ran into E's friend I there, they are in the final picture together. And A got a brand new toy....all his own....something he saw and doesn't go with anything E has as a set...this doesn't happen often so we were pretty excited. I will post pics of it later once it is up and going.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Waxing Nostalgic

I don't know why I'm so nostalgic these days but I was thinking today that E and his friend I have changed a lot since they first started playing together. Here's picture proof.

Looking Back

I am now passed my years of baby raising(barring any major changes of opinion around here in the next year or so). My youngest is past his second birthday. I was thinking about the significance of this yesterday and started reminiscing about all things past. I decided that there were definitely some lessons learned, some previously held beliefs changed and some challenges I never expected. Here's what I've done as a parent so far.

1. I've taken kids to museums from here to Winnipeg.
2. I've travelled by bus, train, plane, ferry and car with two kids(mostly by myself)
3. I've gone DAYS without sleeping more than 45 minutes at a time.
4. I've grown out of and into at least four sizes of clothing in the last 4 years.(not counting maternity clothes)
5. I've researched toys and baby accessories until my eyes are sore.
6. I have told my kids that if they yell in the grocery store one more time that the mean security guard will come and give them a time-out.
7. I've been yelled at by a stranger in a car passing by who was upset my kid was out without any socks.
8. I've taken umpteen pictures of cute kids.
9. I've said, 'Seriously I mean it....stop!' more times that I care to acknowledge.
10. I have sucked on soothers that have fallen and deemed them clean enough to use again.
11. I've stopped carrying disinfectant wipes in my purse and just let the kids eat their snacks at the park with dirty hands. I do still carry diapers in my purse though.
12. I have hidden in the kitchen pretending that I'm still cooking dinner so I can finish reading a magazine article.
13. I've undertaken serious negotiations with my husband and agreed to things I won't repeat here to avoid getting up in the morning on the weekends.
14. I have told people, in all homesty, that my children are in fact the most wonderful children that ever were born.
15. I believed that I would never love a second baby as much as dear E.
16. I was proven wrong wrong wrong when A was born and I grew another heart just for him.
17. I have wished that I had had my kids when I was younger, older, and that their ages were closer together and further apart depending on the day and my mood.
18. I have said "I love you" umpteen zillion times.........

Monday, August 13, 2007

I Couldn't Make This Up

So as I'm sure some of you know I have been trying to teach E to play the violin. He was giving me some flack about practicing so we stopped at the end of June for the summer. Anyway, today he was playing out back with the neighbours and they were discussing their musical talents. They decided that they should play the backyard....a duet. So she ran off to get her violin and he ran in to get his and they played together, or rather she played quite well and he played a lot of open notes in an attempt to accompany her. It was adorable......a real moment.

I also wanted to post an update to an earlier post I did about A, I'm A Big Boy Now---Almost. He did have those two days of potty trained behaviour and then he totally turned against it. And I mean totally. He will not go near a potty for any amount of cajoling or bribing....oh well.....maybe next month he'll decide it's time for the potty.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

This is 'Gonna Be A Long One

Well today was my sister's! Here are a smattering of pics and a couple of videos. ENJOY.

----------The very recently married couple-------------------the bridal party------------------

--------------All the parents--------------------------------------All the Boys

------------------M and Me-----------------------------------the beautiful cake

-----------Yummy fruit-------------------------------------Punch for everyone

----------How low can you go??------------------------------The Couple's First Dance-----

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Overdue For An Update

Well we have visitors this week. My sis is getting married this Saturday and so we are hosting Grandpa Trry and Grandma Drdre.
The boys wore their Spdrmn costumes to the airport and we went up to the property/trailer today(M took the day off work) and enjoyed a beautiful day of weather.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Day at the Park

I took these silly pics of E and K at the park yesterday after we covered them in the sand up to their necks.......

Update Dec2020

My Guy A My Guy E School Rooms at Home Deck the Halls It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas