Thursday, January 31, 2013

Best Sick Kid Ever

It seems A has caught the stomach bug that has been going around. Although him being sick is a completely different experience than his brother being sick(see link here).
Today while at an appointment he politely.....excused himself from the room.....found a washroom.....and then vomited.
When he returned he said, "Excuse me mom, I'm still not feeling well and I just vomited so when we're done here can we please go home?"
And I found a solution to our 'sick soup' problem. See...normally we have chicken noodle soup when someone is sick.
Chicken....not chick'n!!
So today I made a vegetable broth and then added the little perfect noodles that we love so much.
Did you know you can buy them at Bulk Barn??

Monday, January 28, 2013

Swim Fishy Swim

First they got in the canoe....and then they got under the canoe.
This was part of their survival class at swimming this week.
Wearing their clothes in the pool was part of it. 
I'm not sure what they were supposed to be surviving here but it looked like fun.
Definitely fun.
The instructors did a great job of really playing with the kids in the water.
A great way to end a session of swimming.
Neither of the boys passed their levels.
There were several things for each of them that they need to keep working on.
And swimming starts week.

Go Fast

While E was at choir yesterday A and I went to pick up a few groceries.
We took that opportunity for him to practice checking out. He did the whole process on his own.
And my thanks to the cashier who was very patient and helpful.
 Our church has planned a fast for this week. We are not going to be giving up food but we will be fasting electronics.
Now....not all electronics obviously.....I need to blog!
And I need to keep my phone on so I can receive texts.
But other than electronics.
No wii, no tablet, no netflix on laptop, no email.

Every second week the kids will be completing an 11-sentence composition.
Last week was narrative (see below). This week is opinion.

Gp Escape
Once upon a time there were 2 Guinea pigs that lived in a house with 2 birds, a dog and a cat.

The Gps were happy but they wanted adventure. So they escaped they went upstairs and ran into the cat! The Cat chased the Gps. Finally the cat gave up. The Gps went down stairs.

They went in the basement and bumped in to the dog! The dog hit one Gp! But he survived. The Gps hid under the chair. They escaped and ran to the middle floor.

They took a big breath and headed for the cage. But the birds attacked! The birds pecked the Gps. The Gps bit the birds toes! The birds flew away.

At last the Gps can go in their cage.


Once upon a time there was a LEGO king who lived in a huge LEGO castle.

In the castle there lived a wizard, three dwarfs, the prince, three crossbow men, an archer, a horseman and a giant troll named hogose.The king was a very good king. The reason a giant troll is on the good team was because one day when the small trolls were picking on him and hi riddles King bob came and took him in.

One day the trolls attacked and got one of the wizard’s summoning scrolls. Not any scroll, it was the skeleton scroll! Well what kind of troll would you be if you didn’t say it out loud?! And of course it summoned all of the EVIL skeletons and the trolls and skeletons started terrorizing villages!

So the King did not like this news so he sent protection to the villages. And the villages were not getting terrorized but they just kept coming. So the King gathered up all his army and attacked the evil castle. Many men died that day but many were remembered.

King Bob won.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Camp Night

Here's our camp spot. Some of the parents had large inflatable beds with them.
Now there's a thought for next time.

And by next time....I mean I'll suggest it to M for next time when he goes.
Being hardy Canadians we didn't let a little -25*Celsius weather get in the way of a good time.
E was safely ensconced over at AuntieJnn's for the night.
He things there should be more of these sleepovers.

Friday, January 25, 2013

We're Out There

We are blessed that we have both the time and the ability to try lots of new things.
Some things don't always go well at first but we take some time and then try again.
The boys had both been very resistant to swim lessons the first time we tried them.
Not now.
They're loving the lessons so we have signed up to do another session after this one ends next week.
E tried Swordplay at his Friday co-op but A was too young.
Now they are running a 6 week class for homeschoolers on Friday afternoons.
See the name tag on E? He was mortified that I drew a little heart over the 'i'.
My guy is growing up.....teehee
Getting started.
Apparently the goal here is actually stab someone in the face.
Just the kind of thing my guys love to do.
Let's hope they use their new found skills for good

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Miss us?
We're back. My computer is repaired.
My dear hubby will need to fix some update/error issues.......but the big stuff is done.
While our co-op has been on break we have been meeting with another family in that time block to do some Hogwarts related stuff. Today they mixed some sore throat potions and played a herbology board game.
They all picked LEGO mini-figs to represent them in the game. 
Over Christmas we saw the Hobbit movie. It has become quite the topic of conversation around here.
We're now reading the book and also do a group 6 week unit on the book. 
They love it and now I have elves and hobbits and dwarves running all around.
I''m taking the boys to see it at the theatre again this weekend. One more time on the big screen.
My youngest son is sock challenged. Or maybe he's allergic. Or maybe he's too savage for socks.
Whatever the reason...he is always taking them off....and subsequently losing them!!
I buy them...he wears them....he loses them....they don't come through the wash....and then we hear,
"Mom....I don't have any socks in my drawer!"

So once again I have had to buy him more socks. How long do we think these ones will last?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fingers Crossed

My computer is in for repair. And M took his with him.
So no blogging for a few days.
I hear back from the repair shop tomorrow.
Cross your fingers it's good news!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Done and Done

We followed the pack list and prepared for the weather.
On Friday night E was ready to go.
He tells us he had an amazing time.
The Cub group he's a part of is fantastic. 
I decided to move the bookshelf back down to the main floor in the hopes that the kids would read more often. But first I went through them all to reorganize.
The sweet girls from next door were a big help.
And now they're ready for reading. I always leave the bottom right square empty for 'returns'.

Anyone have any ideas for how to get the kids to read more?
Incentives? Plans? Bribes?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Found It

I found my camera. So now I can show you what we did today.
We used adjectives, nouns, adverbs and verbs to create stories relating to our Hogwarts theme.
The one here on the right we all did together.
They each did one of their own about a dragon for their journals too.
How do those potty words always find a way in!?!
I'm including this one because it shows the boys 'playing' with a friend of theirs. Everyone on their own tablet....on-line....playing Minecraft.
Quality time?
Yesterday we went to the museum with friends.
E really likes the drama room.
A pretty much runs around and tries a little of everything.
And I finally managed to get the kids into school. Mind you it was a display school.
Lunch with the seagulls. They like to pick their fave parts from everyone's meal.
Hope Granny enjoyed her salad without any feta cheese or olives.
Everything is better with friends.

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures