Friday, January 25, 2013

We're Out There

We are blessed that we have both the time and the ability to try lots of new things.
Some things don't always go well at first but we take some time and then try again.
The boys had both been very resistant to swim lessons the first time we tried them.
Not now.
They're loving the lessons so we have signed up to do another session after this one ends next week.
E tried Swordplay at his Friday co-op but A was too young.
Now they are running a 6 week class for homeschoolers on Friday afternoons.
See the name tag on E? He was mortified that I drew a little heart over the 'i'.
My guy is growing up.....teehee
Getting started.
Apparently the goal here is actually stab someone in the face.
Just the kind of thing my guys love to do.
Let's hope they use their new found skills for good

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