Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Me vs. Them

This is how I would like to store the LEGO. Neatly. In bins purchased for this purpose. Under a bed.

But I have LEGO on the fridge. And on the footstool.

It can usually be found beside the sofa and on the vents. And almost always on the side table.

The LEGO gets close to the bins. It's on the beds and the floors beside the beds.

And somehow even when we're doing school it shows up.

And this is just a gratuitous shot of A reading in the local library.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Tis the Season

The Sens have a deal where you get 4hotdogs/4drinks/4tickets for $99. Not bad!

Even more fun when friends are there. And even more fun when the home team wins!

Here are my dates for the evening. These three handsome fellows.

He Assists

E got his first assist at his game on Saturday.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I only watch the game when E's on the ice.

Friday, November 25, 2011


So here's how it started. Yesterday A was wearing this shirt and it reminded me of the old StarTrek show, the really old show. I started telling the kids about it and we decided to watch an episode. An episode that aired Sept. 8, 1966 called TheManTrap.

And they liked it. That is until the alien shifted back to it's natural form. I figured since it was so ridiculously cheesy that it wouldn't really be scary. I was wrong.

They are completely traumatized. We had to escort them upstairs to brush their teeth and stay up there while they went to bed.
E said he shouldn't be scared that I, daddy and A might be shape shifting aliens seeing as how he had known us his whole life-and it was the last alien of it's species so there couldn't be anymore still around-but he couldn't help it.

As of this a.m. they are still escorting each other around the house-just in case-safety in numbers you know.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow Fiesta

Nothing better to a couple of kids than the first snow fall of the year.

I was thinking of my dad this a.m. as I was shoveling. Do you see how my driveway is shoveled right down to the road? I could have backed out without shoveling. I could have done just where we walk. And there is going to be warm weather coming so I could have left it to melt. But there's that nagging thought that somehow my dad will come by, from Winnipeg, and do a surprise inspection. So I shoveled it....right down to the road.

And I'm still full from our fiesta Mexico party this evening jointly cooked by Grnny and I. She has been co-teaching our Mexico unit. And though officially it's not over until Friday, tonight worked best to have our feast.

Here's K getting the tables out for dinner.

The boys worked with Grnny ahead of time to prepare a puppet show for us about Mexico.
Can you see the little eye peeking out between the chairs in the 1st pic?

They were very proud of their work. And so were we.

They had prepared pinatas last week and were SO excited to get at them. I wish I had taken a picture where you could see the smiles on their faces. Next country unit-India. But not until Monday.

M made a comment yesterday about how today, while the kids were at GrnnySchool, I would have my weekly 'time-off'. Hmm. Really?
I took a picture of my to-do list for today while the kids were gone. Yup, just as he suspected, nothing but free time. Love you babe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cub Winter Camp Out

So E and I went on another camping adventure. It was a great time and, surprisingly, not too cold. Here are the kids once we arrived with one of the Scouts also in attendance as a mentor. She led them in a game...

That ended with grass stains on all the knees!

The kids went on a hike, but not before putting socks over their shoes! The socks collected debris from the forest, which they investigated and talked about when they returned to camp.

E and a friend having hot chocolate after lunch in the Dining Tent.

E and another buddy learning how to build an emergency shelter from a garbage bag in their survival kit.

E and I enjoying the weather.

E making some breakfast.

Taking a rain break in the dining hall.

A good time was had by all. M

Monday, November 21, 2011

In the Words of E: Not a Success

We are doing a 6week culture unit-2weeksNigeria, 2weeksMexico, 2weeksIndia.
We're in the midst of Mexico and I thought it would be fun making tortillas for lunch. We went to the bulk food store to buy the corn flour. Talked about why corn flour instead of wheat flour. Found a recipe. And started stirring. Then rolling. Then flattening.

Then we started cooking. And immediately we could tell there was a problem.
We tried all of the following: adding more water, adding more flour, making them thicker, making them thinner, using a different pan, higher heat in the pan, more oil in the pan.
And yet they failed! They had no brown spots (as mentioned in recipe, 'done when brown spots on both sides'), and no flexibility. They were like corn pancakes but stiffer.
I knew they needed to be quite flat but they just fell apart when I tried to flatten them.
That's not to say we didn't eat them, they tasted fine. There's nothing a little honey or jam can't fix. (Nutella was also tried but A decided that corn pancakes are one of the only foods in the universe that isn't better with chocolate spread.)

On an unrelated food note. I tried serving the boys 'mixed' food for dinner tonight. Eggs that had been cooked with cheese, chicken and milk. Nope. They would have had cheese and chicken and eggs but I didn't give them the option.
Luckily the salad was delicious and I told them they couldn't have any more until they ate their eggs. HA! That'll show them - I bribed them with fruit and vegetables!

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