Monday, November 14, 2011

Where'd That Weekend Go?

On Friday there was Remembrance Day. Then the kids went to G2K and M and I went to a movie.

And there was hockey on Saturday afternoon. Followed by company for dinner.

And again early Sunday morning there was hockey. Then church.

And that is where the weekend went. Way too quickly. And when we weren't doing these things the kids were running back and forth between our house and the neighbours. We have the best neighbours.

I was hanging this tile in the kitchen and realized it has all the colours of our house in it. So the next time I am agonizing about what colour to paint a wall....I'll just go to the tile.

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Anonymous said...

Great post....I see Barefoot on your jersey Eric...great stuff going on over there.

And there is Mr B himself stepping out...would have liked to have had a front view also...oh well there is always the next time.

Love to all

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