Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What's A Girl Gotta' Do

This is what I like to see. Two kids searching for information. Maps, globes, encyclopedia.

See you next year Hallowe'en.

shred lettuce, grate cheese, make salsa, flavor corn, drive 2 hours to buy rice, marinate chicken for 12 hours, mash avocados - all this for a burrito bowl that was NOT a copycat of what I really wanted. It was way easier when I could just walk down King St. and buy one.


sarahkay said...

uhhhh…..Maps, globes, and encyclopedias? Can you even buy that stuff anymore? HAHA!

Anonymous said...

School is in at the Barefoot's and the boys are enjoying it by the looks of things.

My sweethearts look great and mom is busy in the kitchen....what's new!

Love to all.

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