Monday, November 07, 2011

What To Do?

So E told me that he wanted to climb the tree out front. We found an old discarded branch and I cut some small pieces for steps. Gave him the hammer and some nails and wished him luck. When his friend came home from school he came over to help.

Then A got interested....and another neighbour boy.

Then another friend and the sister of neighbour boy came to see what all the commotion was about. I think everyone was hammering something as some point.
All the steps were attached to the tree and it was ready to be climbed.
Except halfway up - E remembered he's afraid of heights and climbed back down. Seriously.

Here's a pic I did with the photo stitch program on our computer. It gives a good view of how our kitchen is coming along.


Anonymous said...

Kitchen looks fabulous!!!!

This story of E and the tree is so funny. He is not like his Uncle J who had no fear of any
thing. He climbed a huge tree one day alone with not another soul in sight. Then once he got to the very top he did not know how he was going to get back down. Very brave at the age of five. To make a long story short...I could hear a voice calling out and I finally realized where it was coming from.
There he was...he couldn't have gone any higher...he was at the very top of the tree...what a guy!!!!

Share this story with E ...he will surely get a kick out of it.

I certainly had my share of excitement/entertainment in those early years with the boys. They have given great memories!

Love to

Mama Bear said...

That is so funny! And I LOVE your kitchen! Great work!

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