Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mug Shots

This photo is of A after we got home from walking E to the bus stop. Note the sunglasses.

After school, I took the kids to the store to get passport photos taken. What a riot. A did not want to get his pic taken and so by the time it was done he was a little on the blotchy side and I had promised him both a sucker and a trip to DisnyWrld (I wish I were exaggerating here but I'm not...that's what I actually promised him). Anyway, how did these pics make such cute kids looks so sad.

Must Be Hockey Season--And Silly Fun

How E knows it is hockey season I have no idea since we don't watch hockey in this house. But he does know and he asked me this a.m. if I could get a trophy for him for his mini hockey stick. You can see in the picture my attempt at a hockey trophy. The boys were pleased with the result.

I blew up an indoor jumping toy this a.m.-----oh the wild fun!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dinner Deconstructed

I made a dinner that really impressed the masses last night. For M and I we had chili and fresh veggies. The boys however like their dinner in all it's original pieces...they like chickpeas and cheese and veggies and meat.....but not when they are all grouped together. I am not judging my family is well aware that I have been known to have a few eating idiosyncrasies myself.

This a.m. we had a great game of store......

Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend's Over

There must be something in the cooking over there.

The boys spent the weekend over at Granny's and they sure had fun. It seems A became accustomed to having his food brought to him......he asked for breakfast in bed this a.m. at home. I gave him graham crackers and juice and made him come down for breakfast to the table. He must be transitioned slowly back into the real world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Low brow humour for my side of the family. Some seem to be having trouble viewing this video. My apologies to those of you who are missing's pretty funny.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well it has been chilly around here. We had to push the icicles off the eavestrough and what else do you do with icicles but throw them in the bathtub with your kids.....

Then today we used our last piece of scrap paper to draw a castle. I thought it would be a princess castle but E just informed me that it's a castle from Mario Brothers. O.k......who knew?

Friday, February 15, 2008


We had a silly day today. A great playdate at AuntieJnn's. Then school for E and a play/nap for A. Then the boys had a friend over to play and I did some baking(lemon meringue pies and thumbprint jam cookies) for tonight's church group meeting. Then just some more play play play.

E has this pretend mouse and decided that it needed a book to read. So he made it a train book and I made it a pair of glasses. Which then prompted me to make glasses for the boys also.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


This pic is just for fun!!! This is E wearing Granny's glasses.

We had so much fun going to the museum today. The kids hadn't been there in a while so it was like it was all new again.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Way Too Long

It has been way too long since I posted. Here is a brief recap..............

On Saturday it took my sorority sisters and I about six and a half hours to make 60 dozen perogies. At the end of the day we split them up and I can't wait to enjoy mine.

On Sunday night we went to the Watoto choir and then brought home our charges for the next 36 hours. The trains and the air hockey table were both huge hits!!! And the boys, all four of them, were extremely well behaved. My two loved having older boys in the house to play with. The boy with the big smile is David and the one with the more subdued approach is Moses. A wore Moses' flip-flops quite a bit while they were here. I wish we could have kept them longer. But they have work to do and a home to go back to in Africa.
It was a real conflicted feeling for me with them. I am glad they get the opportunity to travel and meet new people but also there was a sense that I felt they could be taken advantage of in a certain sense. They perform six days a week and stay at a different house every night. They have no toys to bring along with them and are separated from their adopted families. I didn't want to be taking lots of pics of them and asking them personal questions as if they were somehow travelling entertainment for us. These are real children who have lost both their parents and are trying to become people that can lead their country as they get older. Anyway, I hope that while they were here they had the chance to relax and play like little boys.

And finally today. The boys and I went over to Granny's so they could make Daddy a cake for his birthday today. I was out of energy for baking so Granny took pity on M and offered to help the boys make one. They decorated it amazingly with blue icing and cut out submarines and fish and sharks. I think M will love it. Well that's about all that's new. Whew.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Out into the snow we go.

If you know me you know that I have a list of things I need to do. Especially this week with so much coming up. One thing on my list for today was to clean the upstairs so it is ready for our guests. And I got it the kids playroom......hmm.....(please note that the kids faces are pressed close to the t.v. while playing a video game.....just long enough for me to get this blog post up without interruptions.)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Brkfst Prayer

So here was our morning prayer.....and I quote.....
"Thank you God and Jesus for this food. And for our presents from Nana for Valentine's Day. And please remember that A swallowed a marble and please help him pass it........from his butt, in his poop"
I'll let you guess what parts E added to the prayer.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Read Somewhere Once.....(And Poop Patrol)

I read somewhere once that if you are a Christian woman then you should NEVER be bored. Not to say that you should always be busy.....just not bored. Well between now and next week I will certainly not be bored.
Just to give an idea of what I've signed up for here.
Tomorrow during the day I am meeting a friend for lunch(thanks mom for babysitting) and then tomorrow night I have a sorority meeting.
Thursday my running around must be finished while E is at school and then E has violin in the evening. I also am going to be doing my baking for Friday night.
Friday during the day I am meeting a friend I haven't seen in a long time for a playdate with the kids. Friday night is our regular church group meeting and we are lucky enough to be hosting at our home right now.
Saturday my sorority is making A LOT of perogies and we are doing it here at our house. I think the kids will think it's a real hoot to see all that cooking going on.
Sunday we have church in the a.m. and a church concert in the p.m. The Watoto Choir is coming to sing and we will be bringing two of the children and their supervisor back to our house to spend the night. We also have them for their day off Monday and I am going to give E the day off school to spend with them. After that short visit we take them back to the church on Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening I see myself in the bathtub....with bubbles......and an iced tea lemonade....and a cookie. Unless of course someone comes up with something fun to do and then I am definitely in.

Poop Patrol---My genius A swallowed a fairly large marble on Monday evening so we(and by we I mean I) are on the look out for evidence it has passed successfully. So far......nothing. I'll keep everyone posted. I don't think M will be helping me on this task--he looks a little queasy every time the subject comes up.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Villge Peeple-And Monday Update

Normally on Sundays we like to relax after church and spend some quiet family time together. However, since our week ahead is pretty busy and we went to the Museum yesterday instead of grocery shopping we had to get groceries today. I don't know if any of you venture out grocery shopping on Sunday but it was NOT enjoyable. But now it is done and we are set for the next month. To burn off some energy at the end of the night the kids were dancing to KickStrtMyHart...(these outfits are sadly what they were naturally wearing before bed)....M called them the VillgePeeple......teehee

P.S. M and I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit on Peru we saw yesterday and would highly recommend it. We will probably go back once more to see it before it leaves at the end of April.

The boys had a blast doing crafts this a.m.(Check out the pic E did of a dinosaur with it's bones inside).

Then while E was at school A and I made them new shirts----SuprMariLugi----I think E will be really excited when he gets home and sees the surprise.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Tick Tock--Not That I'm Complaining

29 secs(intercede in fight)
4 secs(get up to find ball)
71 secs(Mom look at me)
44 secs(random question)
2 min44secs(attempt to get me to play)
20secs(random interruption)
1 min 58 secs(can I play Mario and I am thirsty)--the answer is no
8 secs(the other one:can I play Mario?)---the answer is no
36 secs(random interruption)
35 secs(mom look at me)
25 secs(mom look at my picture)
53 secs(mom look at me)
1 min24 secs(look at me from both of them)
30 secs(look at me)

So in 12 minutes......I had fourteen interruptions....I am trying to send pictures to my mother that I took at K's hockey game this morning. Because I am normally at the complete disposal of my boys and attentive to them they can't handle it when I sit down at the computer. So what should take a few minutes stretches out to's definitely Friday.

I Kid You Not

This a.m. I'm getting ready to start my day when E tells me that needs to do something different with his clothes to impress the girls in his class. (Seriously!!! He's 4 1/2) When I asked him about it he told me that there is a girl in his class who decides who looks good each day and she hasn't picked him yet. Usually she gives specific praise for example, 'nice dress' or ' I like your Spdrmn shirt'. So he had quite a time deciding this a.m. what might impress this little girl. The pic below is what he decided on. He really wants a Valntines Shirt to wear but he doesn't have one---he thought that would work for sure though. tee hee hee

My other little Neurotic Nelly has decided that he wants to go to school. He has been walking around in his backpack all a.m. He makes me walk him to school(really my room) and then sits on my bed until he decides it has been a long enough school day and then comes home. What a cutie pie. Maybe I should find him a two morning a week preschool.

Update Dec2020

My Guy A My Guy E School Rooms at Home Deck the Halls It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas