Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hey Everybody

Well I have been behind in my blog checking so here's an update. One picture of each of my guys. A pulls this silly face every time he sees my camera come out and I was lucky enough to catch it in all it's glory the other day.(Click on A's picture and see how cute he is)
M was using the swing in the garage while the kids were playing, in fact he was hogging the swing as I was waiting patiently for my turn.
And E was monopolizing Nana's time as he is prone to do. He just wanted her all to himself for her whole visit.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

A pictures that make you go...aaawww

Our little A is a strong spirit that's for sure. The boy uses a lethal combination of words and hand gestures to ensure he is never misunderstood. He had a great time at the Church Chrstms party making his cookie. For some reason he wanted to show all his belly at the playgroup party and the other is a picture of he and dddy deep in review of a train magazine.

E stories that make you go..aaawwwww!

So today we went to see Santa at the boys playgroup party. E went up and got his present(a tow truck type thing that I picked up from Gnt Tgr for $5). Apparently he thought this was Chrstms, since Santa had come and all. So he says, "Mommy, I like my truck and it's o.k. if maybe next year I get other toys that were on my list." What a sweetie!!! He was perfectly content with his toy and has no idea the toy haul that awaits him on Chrstms morning. So rest assured everybody that he will be duly impressed with his toys.
Also, he was holding the door open for Grnny today and she thanked him and he said, "That's what my daddy does when other people go through doors." Those little eyes of his are always watching.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monkey Man

Well E has decided that he is also a climber and has made it him mission to climb everything!!!! I am immune to it at this point but it sure gives Grnny a scare when she sees him
up on top of everything.......The other picture is one of him after he fell asleep watching cartoons.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's beginning to feel a lot like.......

Christmas!!! Yeah! We decorated the tree on Friday night. That was fun for all. The kids have put Spdrmn Candy Canes on the tree and want to eat them so badly but I said they had to wait until after Christmas.
I was explaining the advent calendar that Grndma Deirdr bought and why it was fun to countdown to Jesus' birthday and so on......and then E said, "I want to countdown to Santa Claus coming instead". Hmm....I told him they come on the same day....

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures