Wednesday, January 28, 2015

He Read

I have always wanted my kids to be readers. There are books in pretty near every room of our house. I have been reading to them since they were just tiny .... we visit libraries ... they see me reading ....
And while my youngest taught himself to read at a young age and grabs a book whenever he can, the oldest has been more reluctant. He's happy to be read to but has never shown a real interest in reading anything himself.
However, for Christmas he had a book on his wish list. I have to admit I had my doubts but I still bought it. And you know what? He read it. The whole thing from front to back. It's the first 'real' chapter book he's ever read from front to back. And now he's asked for the second in the series.
I'm so happy.

Week19 Jan26-Feb30
Math- E-Percent A-Division
Unit Study- Watercolours
History- Boxer Rebellion
French- aimer+l'infinitif
Book Study- Carry On, Mr.Bowditch
Extra Curricular

Friday, January 23, 2015


Learning verb conjugation isn't always the most fun of activities.
I had shown them this 'conjugation machine' I made on powerpoint and asked them to recreate it.

I thought a construction project might help them firm up the idea. Some recycling materials, duct tape, a meat mallet and a hot glue gun.
Voila, a conjugation machine. And hopefully, a concept well understood.
Our last unit study (Genetics) was pretty information heavy.
Now we've moved on to something a little more relaxing.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Wish....

I mentioned to E and Grandad that I was wishing for a new computer table that would get the printer off the floor and fit better into the space we had available.
E went out for a few days and they worked a plan ..... and hit the home reno store.
Brrr-rrr!  It was a cold couple of days.
Granny was kind enough to let them use the mud room so they wouldn't have to work in the freezing cold. They even brought in the big tools.
Once Grandad got E started he stepped back into a supervisory role.
Look at E working those tools like a pro.
And voila!! The perfect fit
Now we need to decide how to finish it.
I'm thinking .... black stain?? Or maybe a blue-grey??
Thanks E and Grandad. It's wonderful!
Math- E-Review A-Measurement
Unit Study- Watercolours
History- Spanish-American War
French- Verbs -er
Book Study- Carry On, Mr.Bowditch
Extra Curricular

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Little Things

Chilling homeschool style.
Making some biscuits for our baked bean dinner.
We were introduced to a new game this week. I think it's called Art War?
The first person starts by drawing someone doing something normal.
Then someone else draws something that would get in the way of that happening.
And then back to the first person....etc.
So here's the one that A and I did today.
A. Mailperson attempts to deliver the mail. (Drawn by A)
B. Angry dog runs to attack. (Drawn by me)
C. Man with bone and mace tries to intercept dog.(Drawn by A)
D. Earthquake ruptures road between dog and mace man.(Drawn by me)
E. Man with chainsaw will cut down tree to bridge road crack.(Drawn by A)
F. Giant angry bird attacks chainsaw man.(Drawn by me)
G. Gorilla attacks bird.(Drawn by A)
H. Beautiful woman in bikini will distract gorilla.(Drawn by me)
I. Hand from sky sends lightning and fire.(Drawn by A)
J. Satellite dish on house reflects fire and lightning.(Drawn by me)
K. Man with hammer tries to destroy satellite dish.(Drawn by A)
L. After shock knocks man off house and into bush.(Drawn by me)
M. Granny climbs tree and holds up rug that blocks beautiful lady from gorilla.(Drawn by A)
N. Grandkids arrive and distract granny.(Drawn by me)
O. Mean mom arrives tells kids to go home.(Drawn by A)
P. Phone rings and distracts mom.(Drawn by me)
Q. Grocery List appears causing mom to take kids shopping immediately.(Drawn by A)
And I couldn't think of anything that would stop 'mean mom' from going grocery shopping so A won and the mailperson was able to deliver the mail.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Keeping Up

Looks like J has a plan for the snow on his shovel.

Good thing A saw him getting ready and made a run for it.

The boys love to take any opportunity to get on the ice.
This Sunday they joined some friends after church for a quick skate.

And since I am still on restricted duties around here my three boys have been stepping in.
Keeping me entertained, keeping me company, and keeping me fed!
Week 17- January12-16
Math- E-Ratio Problems A-Temp. Measurement
Unit Study- Genetics Test
History- Small Countries with Large Invaders
French- Verbs -er
Book Study- Carry On, Mr.Bowditch
Extra Curricular

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Back At It

When the rec. room looks like this ... it's time to call an end to Christmas vacation.
And since I'm still on the injured list M is in charge.
He did his first baking the other day. Biscuits to go with his stew.
And since he had to head to the office for the day he left straight up instructions for the house.
This, my people, is how you homeschool Commander style.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Hello 2015

Math- E-Ratios A-Time
Unit Study- Harry Potter Genetics
History- Brazil Ends Slavery
French- Verbs -er
Book Study- Carry On, Mr.Bowditch

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