Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fais Dodo?

Trick Question: It's almost midnight on Sunday night....where are the boys?
Hint: We live in a 4bedroom house. We have bunkbeds and also 2queen beds.
You might have guessed, asleep in their respective bunks. Or you might have guessed one in his bunk and one in his other bed.
Let me check. Nope. Empty.

Here they are. A is asleep in his bed. The same bed he has slept in since before he was 3. He is not a problem. See that other sleeping prince? He's the problem. He is sleeping on the mattress from the top bunk....but on the floor beside the bottom bunk.
He used to sleep with his brother until A kicked him out. He used to sleep on the top bunk. He used to sleep in the bed in the other room. He would love to sleep in the parent bed. But truly he does surprisingly little sleeping wherever he starts the night.
(It is normal for him to wake 2-3 times/night. Often he has trouble falling back asleep. And he wakes for the day at a very early hour. )

All the more reason that this guy should already be asleep. He has to be up at 4:45a.m. to do an on-line class and he will most certainly be woken at least once tonight by E.

So go to bed!!
P.S. Anybody have any ideas about E's sleep disturbances?
And if you're about to suggest seperating the kid and adult bedrooms with a wall equipped with electric shock capability....don't. M already suggested it and it's not going to happen.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Each week I try to remember to take a picture of the boys so that at the end of the year we'll have documentation of how they have grown.

However, today A seemed to be having some trouble keeping a straight face.

Well that explains it. There's a brother just off to the side making funny faces.

In the end this was the best one.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tulip Festival

Surprised to see a picture of me on here? I'll explain later.

We wanted to take Grandma to see the tulips before she left.

Obviously not all of them were ready for a close up.(This is my favourite picture of the day.)

But there were some that had already bloomed.

To explain that earlier picture of me....the boys commandeered my camera for a photo shoot.

Lots of pictures of me surrounded by flowers.

This is a nice one. I can't remember the last time we had our picture taken together.

This is more what's normal. Me taking a picture of them!

We did get school done before we went out today. And although we aren't completely caught up to where I wanted to be. At least I can see 'caught up' in our future.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Someone in our family is going to have a baby this year. It's truly exciting news for all of us. Even the boys have been really engaged with talking about the new cousin. Of course, it has made me nostalgic for my own sweet smelling babies. Their soft skin and whisper thin hair. The way they clenched their little hands together and kicked their little feet. It reminds me of how I could put them down in one place and they'd still be there when I bent to pick them back up. Ooooh. And how they'd look at me and their little faces would just light up and smile. So many happy moments. (sigh)You know how 'they' say, "It seems like just yesterday they were small?" I don't get that. It doesn't seem like just yesterday to me. It seems like years ago. Time is not flying by. Or is it and I just haven't noticed yet?
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Here's a couple of pics of me. One taken almost nine summers ago after my 1st baby was born. The other was taken this Christmas. I can see the nine years on me in comparing these pictures. But it doesn't freak me out. That's what is supposed to happen right?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's up. It has a roof and shingles. The trap door ladder is up. Both of the boys, and some neighbour kids, are excited about the fort. But truly, this is E's dream come true. They played outside until after dark and we called them in.

It has raised a bit of an issue. The boys fancy their fort as a private fortress. They want to decide who is and is not allowed in. that alright? Should they be allowed to 'exclude' certain children/neighbours? What about the feelings of those children? What's my role here?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It was fun to have so many little chess minds in the same room.

And poor Grndd worked all day today in the rain to get the fort started. Look at the progress!

Monday, April 16, 2012

This is the last picture I have of our trip to Trnto. After this A was really feeling crummy.

By the time we got home they were ready for the couch and their dad.

But now he's feeling much better. He heard me mention that my to-do list is as long as my arm and he rushed off to measure. Yup....he's feeling better. (And for the record-that's not my whole list on the board.)

I am mid-project on the front lawn. (Well, 'mid' might be a bit optimistic.)

The kids are enjoying the worms we have been finding. Let's hope the enjoy the grass I'm trying to grow just as much.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Road Trip

It's Road Trip time....

One of the best things about hotels....pools!

So today we went looking for adventure. I snapped these silly boys on the way to the van. They were enamored with their shadows.

We visited this great indoor fairground.

This was the tamest of the rides.

Or maybe this was the tamest.

Now this one was nice also. Seems I only got pics of the tame rides. Probably because while we were tilt-a-whirling and bumper car-ing and spinner-ing I couldn't use my camera and hold on at the same time!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eat Eat

We make a point of eating together as many nights as we possibly can. With M off work it has been great because he has done some of the cooking....less work for me!!
There are so many benefits to eating together as a family. Check some of them out here.
And if those reasons aren't enough...check out the happy faces on these kids.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

The kids have had an absolute blast with UnclJ and AuntiLiz. They do NOT want them to leave.

In lieu of a baby....we have been taking pics of the dog....and he is a super cutey!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Here's a couple of gratuitous shots of A.

So this is what the tree house looked like in the other person's yard. Just need to take it down and move it. How hard could it be? 4 walls, a roof, a base and some support beams.

Off went the handrails.

The boys insisted that they wanted to come and watch. Here they are hanging in the yard while the big guys worked.

And they sure worked. Grandd and M were disassembling from 9-1. UncleA came and helped for a while. Even UncleJ got pulled in to help. He made the last trip with M to get the walls. It's all in our yard now and I'll post pics when the reassembly starts.

Here's AuntyLiz and Max.

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