Tuesday, February 27, 2018

That's Enough of That

This is the face of a guy who's just been told that as a result of appendicitis he won't:
be leaving the hospital immediately,
or, competing in the Orillia Games next weekend (boxing),
or, playing in the last regular season games for hockey,
and, he might miss the playoffs. 
But, despite his disappointment he was unfailingly polite and patient with the process. 
And, after he was given the 'all clear', he was happy to come home. 
Dear 2018,
     The year started with me being ill for almost a month; and now this? That's enough. I hope you've gotten all this crazy out of your system because I'd like to look forward to the next 10 months. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018


It usually happens that when the boys get on the ice you see them take a quick look over to the stands to see who's watching them play.
This tournament they got to see Auntie Donna's smiling face.

Looking Fabulous hockey fans.
I've driven 1126km since leaving town on Thursday afternoon and M put another 672km on his car. 
We watched a combined total of 8 games in 2 days and it's time to relax.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Show and Tell

I started this project in October, took a break in December for Christmas, and again most of January while I was feeling ill. 
But at long last ..... E's room. 
He chose the colours and, thanks to Grnny's help, all the painting was finished today. 
Just outside his room, there's a downstairs relaxing space. 
I'm not wild about this couch here but for now it will suffice. 
This is an area I had envisioned doing differently. But, having an open unfinished area was making A super happy. 
So, had a couple of appliances moved and hung a net.

Which worked out nicely for me because now the washer/dryer are upstairs.
And, the second of our trio of theatre tickets for the year. Fabulous show. 

Sunday, February 04, 2018


You remember that day we didn't have hockey?
Ya, we used one of them to play shinny.
But look at those smiles!!
Red cheeks from the cold and smiles from the hockey.
Thanks to Grandad for wearing the camera so I could get some great video.

Update Dec2020

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