Monday, November 26, 2007

What's Up?

Well our end of summer laziness had caught up to us and the garage was looking pretty scary. We got in there with the kids last night and did some serious clean up. It's still not completely done now but it is certainly better than it was when we started yesterday. Above is the 'before' picture and I will post the 'after' when it's all finished.

We had a super time making this snowman today. And by we I mean me!! The kids really enjoyed themselves in the snow while I did all the grunt work and I think it turned out pretty fabulous. And then this evening we put the tree up. Tomorrow we are going to put the ornaments up. A was so excited about the tree. He kept thanking M and I for the Christmas tree and saying, wow!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're Home

We hopped a flight from Wpg back to Ottwa yesterday afternoon.

This is the play area in the Wpg airport. These are the cats saying goodbye the night before.

It's been super because M took the day off work today so we could hang out. A will not let him get away at all, he is attached to him!!! He really missed his daddy.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Newest Update

The boys rough housing with Bubba(also known as GrndpTrry). This was M's pet dog when he was a boy.

We spent the weekend at Nana's and the boys had a lot of fun. We went to the fun museum again and the playroom and church and out for dinner and we watched a very funny movie that Nana's friend lent to her.
The boys really wish that all their family lived closer. I'm not sure if the family out here wishes they were closer though....they are still digging out from our visit!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Comme ci Comme ca

This is how E describes everything now that he doesn't love and doesn't hate, he learned it at school. Well this is how I feel about the museum we went to today. There were a lot of exhibits and things to see but not a lot that they could actually touch and do. Needless to say they were underwhelmed, or as E put it, "I liked it comme ci comme ca".
Dinosaur exhibits to look at. Bat cave exhibits to look at.
Moose exhibits to look at. Water break for A.
This was the big draw we went there for. The Nonsuch, a ship that is right in the museum and you are allowed on it. Just not in the gally or the sleeping areas or to touch the ropes. You are allowed however to sit on the bench you see the boys sitting on above. Definitely last week's museum kicked this week's museum's butt!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh My! Oh My! Oh My!

After we attended a Remembrnc Ceremny we packed up our bags and headed south. Across the border to GrndFrks, ND.

Who can say no to these faces? Apparently not Grndpa Trry. 'A' mentioned that he didn't like Grndpa's truck because it had no t.v. So....Grndpa Trry ran out and bought a t.v. for his truck. Whew! That was close, they almost had to amuse themselves for a moment or two...hahaha

The boys loved the cart trolley/troublesome truck. But nothing surprised them more than the kids sleeping area in our room that had DOUBLE bunkbeds(an item that has reached iconic status since E saw them first in his friend I's trailer). It was quite a big hotel room and the price was reasonable. Easily two families of four could fit in this room.

The best of the best however was the waterpark inside the hotel. The water was shallow, two feet deep at it's deepest. A couldn't wait to go to the splishsplash.

All of us, except the old guy, went down these little yellow slides into the kiddie pool.
Then we decided to take a chance and go down the much bigger slides. E and A loved these. We went down several times. It was cool because at the bottom of the slide you end up in only a few inches of water so there's no danger of going under.

After sliding, A started to turn blue from the cold(although the water was warm) and we went upstairs for a bath and a play and then bedtime. But in the morning.......................

...back to the slides. After doing all the ones we did the night before we figured, hey, the kids are brave and we are willing, let's try the giant tube slide. Seriously. You can see in the pic how high it is. You go down a tunnel and get spit out into the big circle thing, you go around a couple of times and then get spit out the bottom. We likened it to a toilet. A did it once with GrndmDerdre but he didn't like it. Too fast and too dark in the tunnel I think. But E?! He could not get enough. He made us keep going over and over. We finally had to drag him out of there after about three, "One more times". That surprised me because he's normally such a chicken. Who knew??

But then we did have to head back to Canda. So here we are. We had a blast. A did not want to leave the hotel and has already asked if he can go back to the splish splash. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

And What Else Have We Been Doing?

We had a movie night last night, with popcorn and pop. Then GrandpaTrry read the boys a story before bed.

Satrdy morning we went to the AviationMusem here in Winnpg. The kids had alot of fun trying out all the different exhibits. Tonight we are off to the hockey game but first a yummy dinner.

P.S. To-IPM-E would really like to have a playdate when he gets back from his trip. He says that he and A will BOTH wear their dinosaur shirts if you wear yours.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The boys just love the cats here. Stetson, the black cat, doesn't seem to mind the attention at all. E tried to fit into the cat house, that's his blue bum on the left. A was brushing Stetson's fur with my comb.

Today we went to the Children's Museum. We spent two hours there and maybe did 20% of the museum. What an amazing place. Definitely we would need a membership if we lived here. E climbed up inside a beaver dam display. It was absolutely dark in there but the flash lit it up for the pic. A didn't climb up in there but he was playing with this big wall puzzle thing.

Then both boys decided they were bears getting ready to hibernate for the winter inside a tree. The last pic. is of E being swallowed by a whale. Gulp!!
There is also this construction area where the kids can play in this little pit filled with stones.
And a big long tub filled with river rock with water showers at either end, very fun. The final fun was the digger that the kids could control on their own to pick up pellets in the box. E is really good at this but with his brother yanking on the controls it didn't go as smoothly.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We're Here

Daddy took us to the airport

The kids played very well in their seats.

The travel part is over. We're here. The kids were great on the plane. I, of course, am tired out. They, of course, are not!!!

Update Dec2020

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