Wednesday, October 30, 2013


After a walking trip down the road to get supplies ... thank goodness for our cart ....
... we were able to get all the supplies we needed for A's costume. I'm not allowed to say what he's going to be. But if you can figure it out from this pile of goods then you'll have solved the riddle.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fam Time

Little Pook-A-Roo wasn't feeling 100% bit she was still a wonderful little hostess.
We had a nice lazy Sunday morning.
 It seems like every time we go up to see AuntieLiz and UncleJ that there is some new country toy for the boys to play with. This time ..... a gator to drive.
Once UncleJ gets some breaks on this one maybe they can give it a try! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Whatever the Weather

Our memorials were ready to be tested against the ravages of time.
Or our closest approximation of them anyway.
We used rain, acid rain (apple cider vinegar), wind and heat (blowdryer).
They were as much fun to destroy as they were to create.
Learning Objective ... Check!
And this is the video we made today. The boys informed me that because I wasn't willing to do a lot more pictures that it wouldn't be a really good stop-action but I think it served it's purpose ... fun!
Joshua 4:1-18

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

School Lessons

We took the chance while in Almonte to check out some of the many many memorials around town.
It's one of the topics that we have been studying in our latest school unit. Memorials ... and the effects of weathering. There were good examples of both!
So today we made some memorials of our own. Sugar cube memorials.
And when the icing they used to build them has hardened we are going to try some weathering experiments on them. 
We've been doing our best to keep in touch with the kid's friends.
The two most popular methods thus far has been calling on my phone or face timing with the ipad. This week we added Skype. So many ways to stay together while we're apart.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

SkyLight Skybright

These boys love being a little bit country and a little bit city.
Sure they love walking up to the cafe and having a cookie and checking out the bookstores.
But they also sure love climbing up on Grnny and Grandd's roof to clean the skylight.
(And they found a wasp nest up there for Grndd to destroy too!)
Did I mention we took the guinea pigs with us to OTown this visit? Last visit A found it too difficult to be separated for that long. Good thing we had very understanding hosts.
And after two months of allowance saving the boys had enough for a new video game they've been coveting.
I noticed while loading this picture that we seem to be in an awkward dressing-for-the-weather stage.
Shorts with a winter coat E?

Monday, October 14, 2013

9 to 7

Granny opened her home for Thanksgiving dinner.
We were our usual group plus also some friends from the city. Not the BIG city where we're living mind you ..... but the city that's bigger than the town where we were eating!
M came out of his self-imposed homework exile to eat and enjoy the family and friends.
And a special thanks to this sweet girl who helped wrangle, entertain and supervise the seven kids that were here.
We had three tables set up for eats. It seemed to be a pretty fluid arrangement with people moving around as they ate and finding new friends to chat with.
And after park time (thanks big guys for taking the kids), dinner, dessert and some computer time ... the day was done. Another Thanksgiving well enjoyed.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Eats sweet. Now bring on the eats!!
E informed me that would like to order from the regular menu. I suggested he could find something he liked on the kid menu but he said it just wouldn't fill him up. He has been eating a lot more lately.

Still loving the drop in gym class on Wednesdays.

This guy is still doing his thing.
Reading, writing, thinking.
Getting it done.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kind World

So my oldest guy, E, has planned himself a little get away.
I mentioned that Grandad would be driving through the area on Thursday. He called Grandad and asked if he could catch a ride with him. He called his friend's mom and asked if he'd be welcome for a sleepover. Coordinated the details ..... and .... Voila!
He's on the road.
Grandad just came to get him. We'll catch up with him when we meet up for Thanksgiving in a few days.
Can you believe this sweet little boy planned all this?
I mean, I guess to everyone else he looks a little less like the picture above and a little more like the picture below, but that's my first baby out there.
Be kind to him world.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Zoo Tour

Grampy couldn't remember if he'd ever been to the TO Zoo.
And we are always wanting a reason to go back.
There are so many animals and buildings that we see something new every time!!


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