Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kind World

So my oldest guy, E, has planned himself a little get away.
I mentioned that Grandad would be driving through the area on Thursday. He called Grandad and asked if he could catch a ride with him. He called his friend's mom and asked if he'd be welcome for a sleepover. Coordinated the details ..... and .... Voila!
He's on the road.
Grandad just came to get him. We'll catch up with him when we meet up for Thanksgiving in a few days.
Can you believe this sweet little boy planned all this?
I mean, I guess to everyone else he looks a little less like the picture above and a little more like the picture below, but that's my first baby out there.
Be kind to him world.

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Anonymous said...

Look out world because our precious E will have a lot more surprises for us as he matures. You are amazing E and you will always be nana's sweetheart no matter how mature you you.

Hugs to you and your brother..nana.

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