Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Weekend Is Over


The weekend is over. The boys went to Grnny and Grndd's trailer on Friday night and then M and I went up Sat. afternoon to get them. We spent the day at the trailer and came back late Sat. night. Church on Sunday and then a yummy lunch at Dnny's where the boys actually behaved like civilized little monsters. Then a relaxed afternoon and evening. A wonderful weekend. Here are some pics of our Sat. up at the trailer. Next weekend we are shutting it down so our time there is almost over for the summer. boo hoo.

We had a fire before we came back into town. Perfect weather for it. Cool but not cold.
P.S. Doesn't my hubby look hot in these pics. I mean, what's hotter than a man hugging his kids?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

1st Time

Here is a pic of E's first complaint letter. He has been really affected by this recall and his four year old patience is running out. It will be interesting to see if he gets a reply.

Last Night

M and I had JandA's kids last night for a few hours. Fun was had by all. The first few pics here are of her kids.

Then this a.m. we decided to have a train race and we set up tracks and raced our trains.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Adm

This is just a happy boy. He was dancing/spinning until he noticed me and then hightails it out of there.

This is E fishing in our driveway. Watch out for those hammerhead sharks!!!

And this is a super yummy dinner I made this week from one of my recipe books courtesy of Grnma Drdre. The chicken needed to be marinated for several hours and turned out super tasty, and it had this peanutbutter sauce dip for the chicken that the kids and M and I all loved. I served it with rice and sauteed carrots, green peppers, yellow peppers and zucchini.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

They're All Two Now

Well all the summer of 2005 babies have turned two now. We were lucky enough to host the party this year. Voila les photos.

------------- The kids and their parents-----------------the grandparents----------------

------------the yummy cake---------------------some-NOT ALL-of the kids------------

--E and AuntiDnna sharing a moment--Somebody left a pair of sunglasses here. Anybody recognize them?

Also, there are two containers of what is labeled spaghetti sauce in my freezer....what's that all about????

Friday, September 21, 2007

Old MacDonld Had A Farm

We went to the farm yesterday a.m. for a couple of hours before we took E to school. E fell in love with a little goat and named it Lucy. He seriously didn't want to leave her. When we left the barn I had him wash his hands and get all cleaned up and then of course he asked to go back and say one more good-bye to the goat. So off he went. When he came back out a minute later I asked him if maybe we should wash his hands again since he was just handling the goat and he said, "No that's o.k. mommy I don't have to. I only touched it with my lips." I thought Auntie Jnn was going to fall over laughing...
P.S. To all who complimented my appearance in the last post thank you very much. I'll have you know that the beautiful women on my street have inspired me to make more of an effort to look like a beautiful woman and less like the sub-species of woman I had come to resemble, Slob-a-saurus Suburban-iticus. Thanks for the inspiration ladies.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh the Joys

I have included these adorable photos of A and E sleeping tonight for those of you who are yet-to-be moms. I hope by doing this that you won't swear off children forever when you read this story .

So tonight since I couldn't go to sorority I gave my kids a warm bath and put them in their p.j.'s. and took them to Chpters for a Strbcks and a play in the kids area. We had a really super relaxing time and I love when the kids are running around with smiles on their faces and I'm holding an iced venti drink. Since A has been dry for a couple of days now I made the gigantic decision to let him go out without his diaper. Ya...that's right. When I heard him say, "Mommy, poop", I didn't even panic. I mean this kid is dry now right?! Then I pick him up and I feel a bit of moisture and still I don't panic, I'm thinking oops a little pee escaped before he noticed. All the way to the washroom I'm talking and sauntering along. And then I arrive at the washroom. Well, it wasn't a bit of pee, it was liquid poop. There's no way the little guy could have kept that in and he didn't. It was all over his p.j.'s, his legs, my shirt and my arm. I basically had to give us both a bath in the washroom and then rinse out our clothing in the sink and try to dry off with the hand dryer before venturing back out into the store. What was I thinking?? This is not my first day as a parent and yet I skip off to Chpters with a two year old who has been using the potty for less than a week and don't make him wear a diaper?!?!?!?! I deserved what I got.

P.S. I don't make it into the pictures very often so here's a pic of me this a.m.

Am I Handy Or What?

E has been wanting the aqurium cars from the Thmas set. However, since we just recently replaced Toby, bought Bulstrode and the Hallwen cabose I think we have reached our train limit for this month. So......I made the aqurium cars with old spice jars and dollar store sea creatures....they turned out pretty well if I do say so myself and E is happy with them so that's what is important.

I took this pic of A when he wasn't expecting it and once he saw the camera he made a smiley face and I just had to take another pic.....what a cutie. Yes that is his pottie in the background of picture number one and yes he is still using it. He even went out this a.m. with me without a diaper and stayed dry; although he did have to take a pee in the grass at the park....oops. Sorry you had to see that MissM and E (our neighbours down the street)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quiet Night

Well Sunday was a nice quiet day. We went to church in the a.m., then to T.H. for a bagel and juice, then we went to the park to meet up with our Friday night prayer group for a beginning of the year picnic. The kids had a blast at the park. Then after a good supper we had a nice play in the basement with the trains. All in all a nice relaxing day, I certainly needed it.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

When They're Not Superheroes

Ever wonder what the boys are up to when they're not running around like superheroes?? Well, they are running around like mutnt turtles. I found these at the store in Renfrw by where we camp and the boys were addicted at first sight. We went out to the trailer overnight to get my camera that I forgot last weekend and we had a blast. Of course, this time when we left I forgot to turn off the furnace so I'll have to make another trip up there to turn that off eventually. Duh!
So, E has this thing he does where he basically will not stop making noise. If he runs out of words to use then he just starts making noises randomly, annoyingly(in my opinion) and repetitively until I swear my ears are going to start to bleed. Should I make him stop making noise? Do I leave it alone? How redundant do I sound when I say.........E stop making blowing noises, now stop making clucking noises, now stop making farting noises, now stop making whooshing noises, now stop making........ON AND ON it goes. Then I end with my classic line, "Seriously E. What are you doin'? Stop making noises!!!!!" To which he typically replies, "Well, can I talk at all or do I have to be quiet forever??" I have tried waiting him out but he can make ridiculous noises way longer than I can stand to listen to them. Is this a boy thing? What would I google to find out? Annoying noises normal?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We've Got Our Bases Covered

J and I have no reason to worry about our future security. As the three biggest of our four boys demonstrated today........we've got super power on our side.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Adjustment Complete--Already?

Apparently it takes ONE DAY to adjust to being a school kid. I brought E to the bus stop today(his second day of school) and as soon as he saw the bus he was right in line and off he went. He didn't even give me a kiss good-bye!!! Look at that happy face. Did the last four years mean nothing to him?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Obviously he was ready to start school. Thank goodness I left this decision to God because if I had had my way he would be staying home with me.

Also, some clarification about our new pet frog. He is an aquatic frog meaning he is in the fish bowl all the time, he doesn't come out and hop around. We feed him little pellets from the pet store. Basically it's like a fish but less maintenance. Here's a pic from the website that is a bit clearer than my old camera can take.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well luckily I have managed to resurrect the old camera and here are some pics of our day today. I am trying to buy the children's happiness as they are really missing daddy. I took them to the petstore today and we got a new pet. I'm really hoping he thrives in his new environment. Then the boys and I had a little snack before bed.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I forgot the camera up at the trailer and I'm not going back up there for two weeks.....this IS a problem. I am going to try and get my old camera to work but we'll see. M wants me to go up to the trailer and pick it up but that's a bit of a drive so hopefully the old one will work for a couple of weeks. Until's my rendition of the boys arriving home tonight.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Well It's His First Day

Here's E leaving for his first day of school. I think he has pretty mixed emotions. It seems like a good idea in theory to go play with friends and learn stuff but it's new so that can seem a little overwhelming too. I hope his first day goes well.

(M--Wish you'd been here to see him head off to school. We miss you.)

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