Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Canal Skate

Each winter the city freezes a portion of the canal for skating.
And while my idea of 'doing the canal' involves meandering around and eating a Beavertail ....
...the boys are more adventurous.
7.8km there....and 7.8km back. Whew!
Well done guys.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Weekend of Hockey....but aren't they all

This was the ultimate hockey weekend of this season.
Not just because A, E and their cousin D each had a tournament.
But because our 3rd game was against D's team.
So much excitement. 
Luckily, Granny was on hand to get some pictures of the boys going head to head.

This much excitement was sure to draw a crowd.
In the end, we had 2 wins and a loss and then lost our quarter-final game.

D's team...?
They went all the way. Gold Medal!!

And, E's tournament was playing across town .....
...let's not even discuss the cumulative kilometers driven this weekend by fans.

One win, one loss and one tie.
And, E played like a Rockstar.

I like this picture because that's E's friend in the background of the picture.
They've had a great season.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

February and Still Snowing

Adm learned how to fill the washer fluid.
And, Erc .... he's just awesome. 
We love this place .... but the front yard forest had to go.
But, every time we planned to get 'er done the weather would turn bad.
Finally, we just had to seize the day.
Many hands made lighter work of a very big job.
And, once the snow melts it'll be even prettier.

Update Dec2020

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