Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Hello everybody. It's Adam and I'll be doing a blog post every two weeks or so, as an alternative to a language program I didn't really enjoy, mostly, because I'm not a huge fan of writing. I will still read all the books from the program that I'm supposed to read, actually, I am looking forward to reading them because I do like reading.
My mom and I are arguing about whether or not I should read Charlotte's Web. I don't want to read it because it ends sadly, but my mom thinks I should because it's a "classic". Do you think I should read it?

Another thing that I would like to discuss is hockey (dramatic echo).
I can't wait until the family hockey pool, I'm just hoping that certain teams make it in to the playoffs (Chicago). Some teams are doing surprisingly well, like the Vegas Golden Knights and Toronto Maple Leafs. Some are doing badly, like the Chicago Black Hawks or the Edmonton Oilers.
I am in Peewee C, even though I'm definitely a B player. The reason I'm in C is that Gloucester doesn't have enough players for an A, B, and C team, they just have enough for an A and a C  team. But, there isn't anything I can do about that. My team is doing extremely well, after 4 games we have 31 goals and only 8 goals against us! I have scored 3 goals so far, last year I had 5 in total. Sadly, we aren't ranked first even though our ratio is better. Blackburn has scored 20 goals and had 24 goals scored against them, however, they have played 2 more games than us, so even though we have the same amount of wins they have 1 more point than us so we are currently behind them.
That is all I have to say for today.

And the Question of the blog is: Should I read Charlotte's Web even though I don't want to?

Written by: Adam B
Published by: Johanna B/ Mom

Monday, October 30, 2017

While the Cat's Away Everybody Plays

The boys filled their weekend with fun and rest and food.

And M and I got dressed up and painted the town red. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Progress and AtoZ

E brought home his progress reports from school today. 
Science, Health, Math and French ... great work in all areas.
I am amazed at his awesomeness and blown away by his brain. 
I am confounded by his capabilities, dumbfounded by his dedication, effected by his earnestness and flabbergasted at his fortitude. 
I am gobsmacked by his greatness, humbled by his helpfulness, inspired by his imagination and just so darn lucky to know him. 
I am krazy about his kindness, love his levelheadedness, am mesmerized by his modesty, and knocked out by his niceness. 
I am outdone by his obedience, proud of his passion, quite pleased with his quizzical nature, and razed by his reliability. 
I may be savaged by his sarcasm ;-) but I'm also thankful for his thoughtfulness, undone by his uniqueness, value his vision and am wowed by his warmth. 
I experience his exuberance, and ... and .... you get the idea.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Three handsome dates at my side and off to the theatre. 
Phantom of the Opera was amazing.
There's a really cool art piece there with lightbulbs ...
I want one!!
And, the boat is on the cradle.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Words Not Pictures

I've been known to take a few pictures. 
It might have been expected that my boys might have picked up that habit. 
However, it appears not.
Both of the boys had outings this week and I asked them ahead of time to please take pics.

E went on an 8km hike in Gatneau Park with a school club this week.
He tells me they saw a couple snakes, picked them up, slipped around in the mud a little.
Sounds fun, yes? And, here's the picture that he took to tell that whole story.

Adm participated in a WarMuseum activity day.
He did workshops on the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and 4 Perspectives on the War of 1812.
He tells me that parts of the museum were made using recycled copper from the Library of Parliament, and there are windows that spell out 'Lest We Forget' in morse code.
Fascinating details, yes? And, here's the photo I received from another parent to tell that story.

My boys need to seriously up their photo taking game.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ugh. Change.

Change and I ... we are not friends. 
However ...... 
A's 'old' room is now mostly empty. 
Where is he, you ask?
He's moved into the big room across the hall. 
Which begs the question, Where is E?
He's moved downstairs. 
The current arrangement is temporary to see if he likes it as much as he thinks he will. (He's been asking to move down.)
If he does, we'll be building a wall and maybe moving a door so that he has personal space separate from the rec room.
Updates to follow. 
And this handsome fella cooked us dinner this weekend. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017


My boys are just too handsome for words.

More and more I like the goofy group pictures of our get-togethers.
Look at Andrw's head peeking out!

If you're ever in the neighbourhood .... come by for a visit.
We can sit on the porch and chit chat.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

1st Games

Homeschool continues to be an eclectic mix.
Sometimes, he's debating confederation, sometimes, he's power washing the windows and eaves troughs.
Thanks to all the fans who made it to A's first game of the season ...
and .... to the NBoy's first game of the season just a couple of hours later.
And since I didn't want to leave the other guys in the house out of the blog .....
I snapped a pic of M. 
And, here's the pic of E that he agreed to pose for (sigh, teenager).

Monday, October 02, 2017

Long Time No Pic

Wow, a smile out of this guy ... must be something special that came in the mail.
Thanks AuntieDnna.
Have breakfast✓
Walk the dog✓
Climb a tree✓

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