Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Progress and AtoZ

E brought home his progress reports from school today. 
Science, Health, Math and French ... great work in all areas.
I am amazed at his awesomeness and blown away by his brain. 
I am confounded by his capabilities, dumbfounded by his dedication, effected by his earnestness and flabbergasted at his fortitude. 
I am gobsmacked by his greatness, humbled by his helpfulness, inspired by his imagination and just so darn lucky to know him. 
I am krazy about his kindness, love his levelheadedness, am mesmerized by his modesty, and knocked out by his niceness. 
I am outdone by his obedience, proud of his passion, quite pleased with his quizzical nature, and razed by his reliability. 
I may be savaged by his sarcasm ;-) but I'm also thankful for his thoughtfulness, undone by his uniqueness, value his vision and am wowed by his warmth. 
I experience his exuberance, and ... and .... you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

well done to the gentle giant E. Cant say enough about getting good reviews in school, something that I was not in receipt of while sporadically attending.
Grampy P...

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