Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tired (Out) Much?

We all went to bed last night for a family cuddle at 7:30 and woke up this morning feel very refreshed. Apparently we needed 11 hours of sleep.
Here are some pics of the kids before their haircuts/trims and also a pic of them after their haircuts/trims.

E worked on this video this a.m. and wants to share it with everyone.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

When Did This Become Normal

So I stood in line today with the kids for an hour and a half so E could get a free Wbknz. I'm not sure when exactly something that ridiculous started seeming like normal behaviour. But I have it on good authority(my mother-in-law) that I'm not the first parent to go to such lengths. Anyway, now we have 5 Wbknz in our puppy collection. (Dalmation doggy, Spot, (the other) Spot, Pinky and Popper Spaniel.

Just two cute pics of A. One of him having fallen asleep in the bike trailer after a ride and the other of him helping Grndd fix the front patio.

I took the monsters to the park today. A loved the swing but only Grnny could push him.

E loved the swings too but in his own way. Here's everybody after snack.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hum Drum

Pics of the grown-ups......Here is M getting his lures and stuff ready for his fishing trip. And here is me making E's new shorts.

And the shorts themselves.....made to order.....I have no idea why he wanted green and red but that's what he wanted. He actually wanted one leg of each colour but I made them like this instead....hopefully he's happy with them. The other pic is of the long shorts I made the boys so they would look like 101Dalmtn puppies.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Zsa Zsa

I think I may have been a bit too enthusiastic about picture taking since the weather improved. Today I was trying to get a pic of A in his Diego outfit that GrandmaD bought him and he was not interested in having his pic taken. With A......when he says no.....he means NO!!!

P.S. Please note that the reason I don't have a lot of pics of E lately is because he is always off running around with his friends just out of range. He's such an independent little thing lately. I am going to need to get a telescopic lens for my camera to catch a photo of that kid.

Happy Back to Work Day

I think A looks how most people probably feel about going to work when the weather is nice and they have to go to work. Check out M eating our first BBQ'd meal of the year. Yummy!!!--Can I just say how much he loved posing for this shot-teehee

On Friday we went and fed the ducks down at the river. These were the only two we found! E came down to feed the ducks too but was still recovering from his stomach bug and he looks a little pale and thin in this photo.

And we have also made our first sand castles of the year. E made the one on the left and A proudly made the one on the right.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring is in the Air

Just another pic of A being adorable......
This morning while I made breakfast E was working diligently on colouring a picture. He was quite proud to show off his final product. He did a great job of colouring the deer and writing his name and the name of one of his friends on our street. He put a 'B' under the boy deer and a 'G' under the girl deer. And suspiciously there are two hearts in the air by their names........As soon as he finished he ran it across the street to our neighbour.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday A.M. or All About A

I'm not really sure what this was all about but A wanted me to take his pic while he did this little routine.
A got this from BigK and he LOVES it.

This morning before school we had a chance to play Dor.aCndyLand and also TumblngTowers. The kids love to play games.

A has decided he is Sprmn and runs around whooshing and flying---here's a little sample.

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Official

The house is for sale......I'll keep everyone updated on how it goes.

We were over at AuntiJnn's for a playdate this morning. The kids had a great's cool to see all four boys together. Plus PrincessK was there. That made 4 boys and 4 girls.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Up And Adam

Now that the weather is better my E is up at the start of every day just chomping at the bit to get outside. I held him off until 9:00 this morning. Then we went for a bike ride.....then to the library...then to gymnastics.....and then they finally were tired out.......whew.

There is just a smidge of snow left around the park.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

It Seems It Might Be Spring

Up until now A hasn't been in on the gaming action but now he wants E to teach him how to play. It's so cute to hear E teaching A.
We have been users of Skype for some time now but just this week we bought a webcam to use with it. The boys were lucky to see and talk with Grampy on Friday morning. The boys will get more adept at staying in the camera's range as they use it more. They had great fun showing their toys to Grampy and asking him if he could see them. I heard E ask Grampy once how many teeth his dinosaur had.......

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And the Answer Is.......C

That's right. I spend way too much money on Strbcks. I am going to see if I can cut back a little in the coming month.....wish me luck.
M's home from work this week on vacation and A wants NOTHING to do with's all about daddy. This little traitor has gone totally over to M's side.

Update Dec2020

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