Sunday, September 30, 2012

A's World

Fun to see the expressions on people's faces on A's camera....they really ham it up.
I see that he has figured out the self-timer button.
The pictures from his day at Gatineau Park are amazing.

Granny told me that the took a long time to walk a short distance and seeing the pictures I'm not surprised. This guy had his eyes everywhere!

I'm surprised they got as far as they did actually.

A couple of creatures in green.

Of all the pictures he took....these two are my favourites!

Friday, September 28, 2012

E's Eyes

The boys asked me to clear their camera cards. Tonight I'm doing E's camera. Thought I'd share some of the pics I found.
There were pictures of the things he spends his time with.
There were pictures from his day trip to Gatineau Park this week.

And some of the people he sees everyday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

School Stuff-Including EQAO

But why? E wants to know why he needs to learn long division. So I asked them to figure out for me how they would split $524 between four people.
A's solution was to give me $124 and then split $400 between the other four people. Hmm.
E's solution was to use mental math. His thinking goes something like this, they could each have $100 so that's $400...then they could each have $25 for that's another $100...then they could each have $6 for the last $24....add that all up...yup.
We talked about how if the numbers were bigger it might be helpful to use long division.
Also, that it's fine to have a favourite way but you need to have options. 
Here we are after school.
I had purchased these little craft kits to make mosaic animals...sharks, frogs, a turtle.
Here are my boy's finished products. The one on the right is the pet of a cyclops.
And the one on the left is an alien creature. No sweet little animals for my two.
I'm not sure about the expression on this guy.
He seems to make this same face in every picture these days.
EQAO Results- I got the results of E's testing today.
He scored middle of Level3 (B) in Math and Writing and low Level3(B-) in Reading.
Here's why that bothers me. I'm a compulsive achiever when it comes to school. I love the letter A+ when it comes to assignments. So it's hard not to project that on to my kids. Especially since I'm their teacher....if they get an A...then that's like an A for me! (And it's all about me right?)
Here's why I couldn't care less. I know that test scores are an indication only of a person's performance on that test on that day. I also know that the public schools traditionally spend a lot of time in grade three teaching for this test......we did not. I had E do two writing practice tests a couple of weeks earlier and that's it. And finally, the testing was done, in isolation, in four sessions-each at least couple of hours long. That's an unusual situation for E. He did well.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


When the big Bboys went down to get their race gear they took the jr. Bboys with them to see the army equipment.
Photo op face.
Army face.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Many Sleeping Faces of VMB

Sixteen Days and she's already a pro!

Once her belly is full she hunkers down for a good nap.
A-a-a-a-aw. So sweet.

We had a great time choosing her outfits. And UncleM snuck in a couple of snuggles.

CousinE got a chance to give her a cuddle.

And the rest of our visit was taken up with watching her watch us.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Post Where I Couldn't Catch A With the Camera

E was teaching Nana the fine art of Ninjago.
I'm never sure how many nice days are left so today after school we hit the park with friends.
I told them they could do one silly face pic if they did one normal face pic.
Can you believe this was my first baby? He's so handsome.
This is the new baby in town. BabyV.

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