Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Costume Throughout the Day

These are the boys' first costumes of the day. They will have other costumes for the Harvest Party at the church tonight. Update-----It's 10:03 a.m. and we have had our first costume change. A didn't want to wear his spdrman costume anymore so now he is dressed as.......Diego.

The boy's friend K came to the school to see E at his assembly. She looks so small next to the school kids, and these are the KINDERGARTEN kids. The next pic is of E's class all dressed up. There were four classrooms there for the assembly.

What did the Baby Jaguar say to the TeengeMtntTrtle? I don't know but it must have been funny.

Little A as a ferocious lion(good costumes Jenn) and big K as a panther and D as a panther also.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Is On the Ground

I love the smell of leaves and the way that kids can spend so much time playing in them. Since the weather was nice this afternoon we played out front with one of our neighbours and jumped in some leaves. Some of you who are familiar with my yard and small front tree might be wondering how I managed to get so many leaves from such a small tree. Well....I went up and down the street and raked up all their leaves and brought them down to our yard.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Nurse I Am Not

Well thankfully we made it through to the other side of the boys flu. E has a nagging cough that will probably hang around until May but otherwise is back in perfect form. A is about a day and a half behind him. But they were definitely well enough to go to GrnnyGrndd's for a sleep-over tonight.
I'm sure almost all of you have heard this story before but I'll retell it to illustrate how I lack the skills required to give loving care and attention to those who are sick. I just don't like sick people. They annoy me. I just want them to go away until they are healthy and happy. I try to be gentle and caring but it's just not my thing. I blame my mother and she knows why..........

So here's the all-time worst story about me and sickness. Just over a year ago M returned home from 4 months in Afghnstn. The day after he arrived home he started vomiting violently and often. He was crawling around upstairs where I asked him to keep his disgusting germs away from the rest of the family. He moaned downstairs that he needed me to take him to the hospital. So I say, "Are you serious? Seriously?"
But he wants to go, so I drive him. I lovingly tell him while we are driving to the emergency room that he had better be REALLY sick. Because if he just has some silly(not the actual word used) flu and he is dragging me out to the hospital when I was totally overwhelmed with about a million other things to do then I will be seriously pissed. Once we arrive at the hospital we are informed that he will have to get i.v. anti-nauseau medications and fluids. Apparently he is very dehydrated, ill and at risk of seisures..blah blah. So I said to the nurse,"He'll be here a while right?" Then I say to my sweet husband, "Take a cab home if you are released in the middle of the night because I don't want you to call and wake me up to come and get you." I know.....cold.
It ended up he was in hospital for 2 or 3 days until he was well enough to come home and help me out with all the craziness we had going on. After several weeks I did however tell him that I had forgiven him for getting sick and leaving me holding the bag so to speak. He had no comment.
So now you see why this week has been long for me. The kids were sick and it is NOT my thing. But they are better now and all is looking up. Back to party time next week. YAHOO!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Stand Up

A has begun telling us jokes all the time.....most of which make absolutely no sense whatsoever but still make us crack up. Here's today's example.
A:Knock Knock
J:Who's there?
A:See skunk kissing a dog?
A:Me have joke me have joke. See skunk kissing a dog?


Monday, October 22, 2007

Judging From the Photos

Judging from these photos you would think we had a perfect day. We didn't. It started out well but E is feeling not well and A is on his way to the same illness. Anyway, as the day went on it got steadily whinier around here. I should have cut my losses and turned on the t.v. but I perservered in trying to entertain them.....big mistake.

This is a train in our living room. It's still set up today. This would have been fun if they hadn't been yelling at each other while they played with it.

Our attempt at going to the park. This ended after about 30 minutes when they argued about who got to play with the wagon that I brought. And then there is A eating(?) his dinner. At least at this point it is almost bedtime.
Mental note: when they are sick.....just leave the t.v. on and back slowly away when dropping off snacks.

The kids play this game called "GarbageMan" where they use the laundry baskets to collect everything that is not nailed down upstairs and bring it to "the dump" (a.k.a.Mommy's room) They have enjoyed playing this game forever!!! They played this in the a.m. when they were both still happy and feeling pretty well.

Puppies Everywhere

Thanks to a friend who works at the SctbnkCntr we were able to get tickets to the Sprdogs Show. The kids were a little skeptical before we arrived but they had a blast. We went directly from church(had a picnic in the van enroute), A had a little nap during the show but woke up in time to catch the second half. E didn't miss a second of it!!! We even got to go down and pet the dogs after the show. Have I mentioned how nice it is that M doesn't work on Sundays anymore?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Aren't They Cute Anymore??

So it seems I haven't posted in a while and I ask myself, "Is it because they aren't cute anymore?" Nope, they're still cute. We've just been busy this week. We had lots of fun this week and the weather was pretty nice some days so we were outside squeezing in the last few moments of outdoor play before the snow flies.
We painted pumpkins and E did a great jobof representing our family.
A got a little carried away with the paint and had to scoot upstairs for a bath. I did the above pumpkin

Tues. night my sorority sisters came over and we painted pumpkins. Good job ladies. This is the boys being cute in the van. They want to sit beside each other so they are in the back seat. It is a total pain in the *ss to get them in their carseats but what are you going to do. Don't they look happy?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Here are some bits and pieces of our last few days.

On Friday E sat down with some paper and some building pieces that we borrowed from the toy library. He wanted to make a building plan and then construct something. Luckily for him his very handy Auntie Jnn came over that day and she made this very cool structure. E was quite impressed. Until of course A and D destroyed it in a frenzy of monkey-like behaviour.
Saturday night Grnny/Grndd graciously agreed to watch the boys so we could go to L's birthday dinner. They were lucky enough to also get L's little girl and from what I here they had a great time. I doubt it could compete with the fun the grown ups had. We really enjoyed our Thai meal at a restaurant on Prston and subsequent Strbcks treat. The company was AWESOME and a good time was had by all.
The backyard rabbit continues to taunt us. We hadn't seen him since the trap was set. Then after it was blown over by the wind, lo and behold he makes an appearance. We'll keep trying to catch that wascally wabbit. I think this picture of the boys is just great. This is them right before church.

Friday, October 12, 2007


You know how when you become a parent and things are not what you expected but actually better than you ever thought possible. For example, the other night I was up in the middle of the night with E (he was having a coughing fit). And then he stopped coughing and was drifting back to sleep and he said, "Mommy, I think we should say a prayer to thank God that I'm feeling better." My heart just about exploded with joy.

And there are other times when you are confronted with situations that you never expected and simply don't know how to respond to. I mean you know there will be pushing and yelling and snatching and what not. But what do you say when you hear screaming from the other room and then E yells out, "Mommy!!! I don't like it when A puts an eggplant near my face." That's actual eggplant from the fridge....waving in his face....what fun for A....what torture for E. And what am I supposed to say? A, put down the eggplant and back away.....E, learn to love your fruits?????????
(Note:Eggplants shown here are not actual eggplants discussed in story.)

Monday, October 08, 2007

We Were Back Early

We went to the trailer on Friday night with the intention of staying all weekend but the weather did not cooperate. We ended up packing it in on Sunday morning and heading back to town. It all worked out well and we had a very relaxing weekend. Unfortunately M and I have colds and are feeling quite fatigued but otherwise all is great. Here are some pics.
A fell asleep fast on Friday night.-------------------We hid from the rain in T.H. for a while
--We also hid at the grocery store for a while----------------We tried the park
----The kids rode their bikes----------------------E found a mushroom----
---The lake looked great----------------------------The puddles didn't look so great-----
Then on Sunday Grnny pulled dinner out of a box(not kidding!!) and we had a great meal of turkey, dressing, buns, gravy, peas, jelly salad, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and meatballs. Then for dessert we had pumpkin and apple pie and cheesecake with strawberries. Yummy.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Before We Leave

Before we leave for the trailer for our last camp of the summer here are some pics of yesterday and today.

The leaves have definitely started to change. I saw this tree on my way to the park. This is A and D swinging together. They sure crack each other up.

When we left the park we walked by this open area and they started playing all over again.

E and A were having fun playing with little A. We got a new cash register for the kids this week and set up a train store.

After having the kids turn up their noses at pretty much everything I made for dinner this week I was feeling quite frustrated. So last night we had tater tots and hotdogs and carrots and broccoli for dinner. You can see on their faces that I'm back in their good books.

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures