Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Hello everybody. It's Adam and I'll be doing a blog post every two weeks or so, as an alternative to a language program I didn't really enjoy, mostly, because I'm not a huge fan of writing. I will still read all the books from the program that I'm supposed to read, actually, I am looking forward to reading them because I do like reading.
My mom and I are arguing about whether or not I should read Charlotte's Web. I don't want to read it because it ends sadly, but my mom thinks I should because it's a "classic". Do you think I should read it?

Another thing that I would like to discuss is hockey (dramatic echo).
I can't wait until the family hockey pool, I'm just hoping that certain teams make it in to the playoffs (Chicago). Some teams are doing surprisingly well, like the Vegas Golden Knights and Toronto Maple Leafs. Some are doing badly, like the Chicago Black Hawks or the Edmonton Oilers.
I am in Peewee C, even though I'm definitely a B player. The reason I'm in C is that Gloucester doesn't have enough players for an A, B, and C team, they just have enough for an A and a C  team. But, there isn't anything I can do about that. My team is doing extremely well, after 4 games we have 31 goals and only 8 goals against us! I have scored 3 goals so far, last year I had 5 in total. Sadly, we aren't ranked first even though our ratio is better. Blackburn has scored 20 goals and had 24 goals scored against them, however, they have played 2 more games than us, so even though we have the same amount of wins they have 1 more point than us so we are currently behind them.
That is all I have to say for today.

And the Question of the blog is: Should I read Charlotte's Web even though I don't want to?

Written by: Adam B
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Anonymous said...

Definately read the book. More book reading never hurt anyone and even enhanced peoples views and approach to lifes adventures.....both good and sad...Grampy P

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