Monday, November 25, 2013

Little Bit of Christmas

All the requisite items were prepared for our Family Decorating Night.
We had chips, and cookies, and a homecooked meal first of course.
We have just a little bit of space this year but we are packing in as much Christmas spirit as we can.
We purchased one of those skinny trees so it would fit in the corner.
I looked when we were last in OTown but I couldn't find the tree topper. Sorry A.
I was able to find the Nutcrackers and the Advent Calendar.
Wherever we are for Christmas it feels just right after we've decorated.


The Allen Family said...

Home Transformed.
I love, love, love the skinny tree!
The "head" is a fabulous touch.
The Spirit of Christmas in your hearts and home...

Anonymous said...

Hey the place looks great.
Impressed to see the hockey game on too.

PGroulx said...

Love the skinny tree "feed me!"

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Kotter! Digging the stache

Anonymous said...

Big smiles on those boys

Anonymous said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Barefoot house....Merry Christmas with much love...nana

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures