Saturday, November 09, 2013


With only one year here in the big city we want to make sure we take advantage of as many opportunities as we possibly can.
We were able to get tickets to the Agricultural Winter Fair.
Great fun .... but oh my goodness the crowds.
The kids LOVED the mechanical bull.
And hey, it was only a half hour wait to ride for 13 seconds.
So fun!
E has been talking for some time about wanting to get a chicken. So you can imagine his excitement upon seeing the chicks. I found out something new .... he's already named his future chicken.
The butter sculptures were on my list of things to see. Seriously, these were so interesting. 
The boys were thrilled with the opportunity to touch horses, and cows and goats and sheep.
While I question the agricultural-ness of henna tattooes we couldn't resist.

I'm glad we took the chance to see this.


Anonymous said...

Great day....what is with the glasses that A is wearing. Are they for real?

Anonymous said...

Were the butter sculptures in a fridge?

Anonymous said...

Johanna, we go every year to the Royal (and have been since I was 10 or so).
next year, we can go together!!
did you get to see the super dogs?


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