Tuesday, November 26, 2013

School and Such

This is our third year using the Story of the World
After the fourth year we'll start back at the first volume and go through them again.
This first pass through (E aged 8-11yrs, A aged 6-9 yrs) is very broad stroke. Hopefully giving them some idea of great expanses of time, of repeating mistakes in history, of the commonality of people around the world, of feeling like the 'centre' of the world whereever you are.
The second time through, (E aged 12-15yrs, A aged 10-13) will be more detailed oriented.
Anyway, today we were talking about when the London fire of 1666.
It was suggested that they take some time to work on a 'project'.
They used Minecraft to create a London with crowded buildings that would easily spread fire and included a building with combustibles in the basement to increase the speed of the fire.

Well done boys.
This afternoon we had friends over to make gingerbread houses.
Another great holiday tradition.

E's Tuesday Meal

Using a new recipe E created a delicious dinner for us.

Tuna Flippers ... kind of like crab cakes but with mashed carrots, tuna, and lemon juice.

While he was cooking he asked me what I thought they would taste like with cheese and I told him there's only one way to find out. Add cheese!!

So he did ... and we loved them.

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Anonymous said...

Great job E.....you are an all around great guy. No matter what you do ....you do it well and your brother is not far behind you.

Love nana

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