Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not Decorating

The conversation went like this.
A: Can we put up the Christmas decorations tonight?
Grnny: Not tonight. I'm going to do that next week.
A: Oh. But those boxes over there have the decorations in them.
Grnny: Yes. I'm going to get to them next week not tonight.
A: But ... can I look in the boxes?
Grnny: Yes. But we're not going to decorate tonight.
A: Hm. O.k. But I can take them out and look at them?
Grnny: Sure. Then you'll know what I'll be dealing with next week.
A: Right. I'll just pile them here. Except maybe this one I'll put over here because it looks good here.
What about this one here Grnny?
Grnny: That looks great.
A: Well where should we put this next one? And this one?
And on and on ... until now there is a tree up and decorations everywhere!
And here's where E rests. Watching the hockey game. Wonder where he learned to do that?
Oh ... I see.

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