Monday, November 04, 2013


This is our fifth year of homeschooling.
By clicking here and here you can look back at the reasons we started and continue on this journey.

Like everything in my life, and I assume everyone else's, homeschooling has not been what I thought it was going to be.

I had visions of earnest excited early readers (1 out of 2), a home free of electronic devices that sap young minds (FAIL), and a space that oozed higher learning (we ooze noise and LEGO more than anything).

It turns out there's not a lot of 'home' in homeschooling and there is lots of getting off track and making a new, previously unplanned track. No complaints here. We love what we do and it's still a great fit for our family and the kids are growing, learning and becoming amazing people.
But the other day we had a moment. And I do sincerely mean a moment .... when I looked out and saw that which I had originally envisioned. It lasted just long enough for me to turn on the camera while they remained unaware and capture about a minute and a half of it for prosperity.

I figure we complete about 200 'teaching' days each school year. We've done four full years, that's 800 days, and all of September and October, that's another 60 days.

So after 860 teaching days in our homeschool life ..... I bring you ..... the moment.

Just for the record .... I prefer the way we do it.
One of these every 860 days seems about right to me.
What was new-homeschooling-me thinking??

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