Saturday, October 19, 2013

SkyLight Skybright

These boys love being a little bit country and a little bit city.
Sure they love walking up to the cafe and having a cookie and checking out the bookstores.
But they also sure love climbing up on Grnny and Grandd's roof to clean the skylight.
(And they found a wasp nest up there for Grndd to destroy too!)
Did I mention we took the guinea pigs with us to OTown this visit? Last visit A found it too difficult to be separated for that long. Good thing we had very understanding hosts.
And after two months of allowance saving the boys had enough for a new video game they've been coveting.
I noticed while loading this picture that we seem to be in an awkward dressing-for-the-weather stage.
Shorts with a winter coat E?

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