Thursday, February 15, 2018

Show and Tell

I started this project in October, took a break in December for Christmas, and again most of January while I was feeling ill. 
But at long last ..... E's room. 
He chose the colours and, thanks to Grnny's help, all the painting was finished today. 
Just outside his room, there's a downstairs relaxing space. 
I'm not wild about this couch here but for now it will suffice. 
This is an area I had envisioned doing differently. But, having an open unfinished area was making A super happy. 
So, had a couple of appliances moved and hung a net.

Which worked out nicely for me because now the washer/dryer are upstairs.
And, the second of our trio of theatre tickets for the year. Fabulous show. 

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding....Erics room looks great, and you two Looking good. And a separate room to practice that nice high wrist shot,for the boys..,,,,Priceless.
You guys never cease to amaze me, such energy.....Love to everyone..G Peter

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