Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Me vs. Them

This is how I would like to store the LEGO. Neatly. In bins purchased for this purpose. Under a bed.

But I have LEGO on the fridge. And on the footstool.

It can usually be found beside the sofa and on the vents. And almost always on the side table.

The LEGO gets close to the bins. It's on the beds and the floors beside the beds.

And somehow even when we're doing school it shows up.

And this is just a gratuitous shot of A reading in the local library.


Cathy said...

I completed underdstand. We have a room totally devoted to Lego as I don't want it all over the house, which does happen on occasion though. Usually when that happens, it gets prompted taken back up to the room.

Anonymous said...

more lego,,,more lego,,,,must have more lego....Grampy Peter

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes! those boys have a lot of Lego.

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