Thursday, December 01, 2011

6:59 is not 7:00

We are in the first week of our study on India. Today we talked about namaste and listened to some modern Indian music.

Today was also the 1st day for the boys to open their advent calendars. I had told E that he could not open a door until 7:00a.m. He ran into a problem when some of the clocks said 7:00 and some others said 6:59!!! What to do what to do?! Luckily, M was downstairs and gave him the all clear. Whew.

E has an excessive fear of violating moral rules. He avoids answering questions for fear of telling a lie. He is constantly 'confessing' to perceived indiscretions. Today while working on our Namaste work was a great example of the kind of trouble he runs into. At the bottom of the page I asked him to write, 'hello'. But he couldn't...because when you do are actually writing h*ll + o. And for a few seconds the word h*ll is on the page all by itself. So he wrote h*l...then the o and then went back and wrote the last l. Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get to answer the bog yesterday but here is nana today. As for the lego.... from where I set I think mom is as much a lego enthusiast as the boys.I have been there on a few occasions to see her playing and putting lego together. Boys, are you sure that some of that lego doesn't belong to your mom? Better check it out!
On E....I would not have doubted for a moment that he wouldn't figure out a solution. You are billiant E.
What a cutie setting in the library....our precious A.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thank goodness a shiitake mushroom has two i's!

Cousin Sarah

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