Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I Thought

When I started homeschooling I thought that it would create these little learners just hungry for reading and learning. Craving the opportunity to sit with a book for hours on end.
I imagine this was my dream because that is what I would have wanted when I was young. I love to read and pretty much always have.
And while #2 son definitely leans that way......#1 son does not. He doesn't want to read unless absolutely necessary...though he does love to be read to.
Anyway, I was stopping by the library to pick up some books when E asked me if we were going in. Usually he asks if he can wait in the car. I asked him why he wanted to go in and he said, "Well I was hoping we could look around the kid section." You can imagine my excitement!!!!

Hmpf. But it turns out the part of the kid section he likes...is the foam blocks. He and his brother had made this structure to hide in while I was getting the books off the hold shelf.

FromA-ChristmsEve is the hardest night to fall asleep.
FromE-It's ok because my mom is reasonable.
FromE-I'm just so busy
FromA-Sometimes I eat my ear wax.
FromA-Nature really is interesting.
FromE-What does 'gay' mean?
FromA-Mom! You're just like me!
FromE-Our house isn't really a democracy. It's more like a dictatorship.
FromE-I used to get $5 for allowance. But now I have to work for it. That's what happens when your mom reads too many magazines.

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