Sunday, December 18, 2011

Take One

We sat around the tree and we picked all the platters clean.
(E) (E)
The kids were thrilled to open some presents tonight. Thanks G2K. Thanks JnA.
(E) (E)
Poor grandad was on dish duty. Though he did get a couple breaks to sit and visit/play.
(A) (E)
We mixed and we mingled. And we
(A) (A)
How cute. D was also part of this reindeer herd but didn't want his pic taken.

The kids received cameras for Christmas and they have been taking pics ever since. They would like to receive credit for their pics being on the blog so I will put (A) and (E) after pics I borrowed from them.
(E) (A)
But now the fun is all over. And we have to put all this stuff into suitcases. Ugh.

Good thing I've got this guy to help.

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Jenn said...

We had a great time. Thank you JnM and G2K for the wonderful gifts and visit.

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