Sunday, December 11, 2011

Join Them

It's festive around here now! A and I had a blast putting up the tree.

And since we were having some trouble with the kids and their LEGO all over....we decided to join the fun.

M is working on a submarine. A big submarine.

Here's the control room. And the engine room.

I was working on a build request from A. He wanted this old set put back together.

And E was working on a build of his own. He spent a lot of time adding weapons to this one.

Aaaaaahhh. A relaxing Sunday. Too bad there wasn't another Sunday tomorrow!


The Allen Family said...

Master Lego Builders... the whole lot of you.
Wow, I am so impressed. I can hardly put the top on the toothpaste tube.

Anonymous said...

Christmas colors on the blog home page with a beautifully decorated christmas tree. Beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the Barefoot house!

I have started to decorate but it is looking like a disaster at the moment.

It will be all together by the time the family arrives.

Love to all.

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures