Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Isn't E handsome in his hockey gear? That's his ManitobaMoose jersey.
What you can't tell in this pic is that that locker room smelled like moldy butt. Truly. Even for a change room it was bad!!!

We had some fun today talking about forces. Gravity pulling. Wind pushing. Powerful stuff.

And then they went for Grnny school. I'd like to say that when I looked back they were crying as I left.....but as you can see from the picture....they were fine.

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The Allen Family said...

I loved the "stuff" blog.
Good photos... I would love to say something encouraging about the distinctive odor of hockey dressing rooms ... but I remember when our Roo was playing hockey, moldy butt was the average. OOooo THAT SMELL!

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