Sunday, October 30, 2011

Expect the Best

When I was growing up there was an expectation that I would do part of the household chores. Sometimes dusting, floor waxing or dishes. When I was older it was making dinner, painting the deck or mowing the lawn.
So these boys will definitely be expected to do their part.

Oh ya. And the moustaches. They got these on Friday when we were at Diefenbunker. They've been wearing them of and on all weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi J...please explain that "growing up work thing" to Michael....I think that is a new concept for him....Love Grampy Peter

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get into my computer all weekend so I am enjoying these wonderful pics here at work this morning.
All is well at the Barefoot house...everyone is busy and the costumes are great.
Great job my sweethearts on the yard.

Love to all.

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