Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week Off

This year we are trying something new. After each 8 week 'term' we are taking a week off school. This kids are pretty pumped about it and it's fun for me too. We have just been hanging out this week enjoying ourselves. Our plans include: lots of play time, coffee with Granny, cheap movie matinee, mid-week sleep-over at Granny's and a group tour of the Diefenbunker. (We are still doing our volunteering and our co-op program though.)

We have been invited to a school Hallowe'en dance at our neighbour's kid's school. So E has been trying different costume ideas in anticipation.

And this guy just cracks me up.

And since daddy was done his paper and E was at Cubs....A was able to rope both M and I into a game of ClueJr.

P.S. Welcome home Nana. We love you.

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