Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pay Attention

These two take their fun very seriously. We joined granny for an evening museum excursion.

Does anybody else hear,"Fame....I'm gonna live forever....I'm gonna learn how to fly - HIGH."

Their fave part by far is the boat. I was directed to take this pic by A.

Somehow I ended up responsible for swabbing the deck.

And then E said, "Get a pic of me planking." (Thanks AuntDoreen)

We actually went to see the new Munsch Exhibit.

So E runs up to me and tells me that this place has a real and good shadow wall. (I guess as opposed to the not real and not good shadow wall I set up at home with a sheet and a reading lamp. Well excuse me! But I think the museum has a bigger budget and a bigger staff with which to work.)

I need this one over my fireplace. Do you see how A has a piece of hair sticking straight out the back of his head?! Love it.

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Anonymous said...

There is always great stuff going on in the lives of E & A. Always on the move, exploring new and wonderful things with each new that is what life is all about. ya!

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