Friday, October 07, 2011

I Still Have Standards

Funny Story
So while my dear husband(dh) is unpacking his lunch this evening he pulls out a bag with a cookie in it and hands it to me.
He says, "Here babe. I got this for you today." So I slide it out. And it's an M&M cookie. I froze.

Anyone who knows me knows that I only ever eat Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ever. And dh knows me.

So I said, "You fibber. You didn't buy this cookie for me. This is your left over cookie from lunch."
And then he started laughing.
Now I know that we have been married for 12 years. And I know that I'm not the same size I was when we got married. And I know I'm unemployed. And I know I have two kids(also known as baggage). But I also have standards. And a lied about left over cookie from his lunch does NOT cut it.
And so I explained all this to him. Which he thought was cute. And I assured him that I was absolutely righteous in my indignation.
>>Fast Forward to after dinner. He did a load of guilt dishes and then asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I assured him that only a cookie wrapped in the truth and delivered with sincerity could restore my injured pride.
So out of the house he went. And back he came a few minutes later. With these:

Humfph. I guess that makes it all better. I still haven't figured out why he has been laughing all night. This was NO laughing matter.

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Michael cracks me up!!!! lol

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