Thursday, October 20, 2011

Colour Blind

I'm not really colour blind but I'm definitely colour challenged. I have the hardest time knowing what colours go well together and what it will look like all over a wall.
Case in point? I ended up painting the front hall-1st beige, then yellow, then lighter yellow, then some of the walls...back to beige. Seven coats of paint in total...yikes!

So here are the colour chips for the kitchen project. The middle square is the countertop. To the right of that is the beige of the livingroom and over that is a little of the yellow from the front hall. All the other pieces are colours we've considered for the kitchen walls. Some are hideous and some are o.k., but none of them get me really excited. Aa-a-a-ah!


Mama Bear said...

I am so horrible at colors, too! Our house kind of looks like a bag of Skittles. The kitchen is bright yellow, the dining room bright orange, living room bright blue, stairway green, girl's room rich purple. Ours is kind of a sunset orange and my in-laws is a beige/brownish color. I can't remember what color our roomie's is cuz I never go in there. Good luck with your choices! I don't envy you! But, like you have found, you can always repaint!

The Allen Family said...

I like some of those colour ideas.... but if you are looking for something "exciting" why not try something really bold... like black or lime green. I did a kitchen once in bright lime green and loved it.

Anonymous said...

seven coats, you dork! bet you wish i lived closer. there is no colour, joey, that is the problem, you have three muted colors, you need a hint of something vibrant. A bluebell blue or a carribean bluey/green or a deep crimson perhaps. E

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