Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend So Far

**Please note** At the risk of this blog becoming a hockey blog as opposed to a family blog I have created a new page dedicated solely to hockey pics. Under the heading of the blog you will see a tab called 'Hockey Pics'. If you click on that.....voila.....more and more and more hockey!

This is the insane time we had to leave for E's hockey game this morning.

Here's the sleepy head before we left.

We sometimes tease M about having a not-so-happy 'happy face'. But in this picture there's no doubt. He's happy.

And also today we had a bday party to attend at LittleA's house. The first thing MyA always does is run outside to play in their yard. And this time there were balloons of course.

Granny was there taking pics of everybody.

And the bday boy....with his yummy cake.

Sorry time I need to get a pic of you for my blog.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the joy of being a parent in Canada - the hockey years. I was so relieved when I. said he'd rather ski. We have not even broached the topic with the girls.

But it is fun and they all need to give it a try, so enjoy.

I got your e-mail, give me a call and we'll make a plan!


Anonymous said...

how well I remember....and enjoyed each and every 5:00am waking to get to the rink on time....Grampy Peter

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures