Sunday, January 20, 2013

Done and Done

We followed the pack list and prepared for the weather.
On Friday night E was ready to go.
He tells us he had an amazing time.
The Cub group he's a part of is fantastic. 
I decided to move the bookshelf back down to the main floor in the hopes that the kids would read more often. But first I went through them all to reorganize.
The sweet girls from next door were a big help.
And now they're ready for reading. I always leave the bottom right square empty for 'returns'.

Anyone have any ideas for how to get the kids to read more?
Incentives? Plans? Bribes?


Anonymous said...

Reading for Riches?

Anonymous said...

A great weekend was had in the woods. Wow....E is home and gets to see his dad before he gets back on the road tonight.

Love t

Mama Bear said...

I love your cube shelves. I have never really thought of using that type of shelving for books, but it really makes sense. One thing that worked well for my summer camp one year so for the kids that wanted to see their progress is to let them make a caterpillar segment for each book they read and put it on the wall. The segment had the title, author and short (very!) summary of the book, but you wouldn't even have to do that. It was fun to see it snake around the room and the kids were somewhat competitive, too, so they all wanted more segments. Maybe if the caterpillar gets a certain length there's a reward?

Trace said...

some ideas that have helped to get my son to read more:

- library every week is a well-loved tradition here... we visit the library, come back and blow up this humongous inflatable bed we have, make a pot of tea and a plate of treats and we spend the rest of the after reading...

- my son is able keep his reading lamp on in his room for an extra hour (or two) past his bedtime but only if he's reading... if not, its lights out.

- periodically we will do some sort of reading challenge with a thermometer type chart for pages or chapters read... with a fun family treat as a reward....

Love the cube bookshelf... :)

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