Monday, January 07, 2013

Open for Veggies

Yes we are closed for company now.
Our last guest left in the wee hours this morning bringing us back to a house of four.
The house seems so big....teehee.
Vegetarian Update
#1. Veggie burgers give the boys gas....crazy gas. Sorry to share that but it had to be said.
#2. We needed a strategy to raise the kid's awareness of protein sources.
I prepared this sheet listing foods we have in the pantry for breakfast, lunch and snacks.
(Dinner is whatever I cook!)
On-line it states A will need about 18g of protein and E will need about 35g.
This should help them choose food that will up their protein intake.


The Allen Family said...

I found this site with a list of high protein vegetables..
#1. Sun-Dried Tomatoes Protein: 14% (100g serving)

Anonymous said...

Keep posting...this is all very interesting.

No, it must be quiet!

Love to all

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