Tuesday, January 01, 2013

More Fam

It just wouldn't be a complete visit with E if we didn't bowl.
Lucky for me...the whole group was game for a game.
M was able to pull a rabbit out of a hat today and kicked all our butts. Good job M
Aaawww....can't you just feel the love?
We're big fans of the group shot.
However M has taken to setting up his camera to take multiple shots.
New people in the house? New group shot.
We got to share a meal with M's cousin and her family this evening.
The camera just kept on clicking...so the boys just kept on posing.
Here's M...and his brother...and their cousin.
Together again....after many years.
And these are the cousin's kids....so....the second cousins.
(I added V because she was indisposed at the time of this picture.)

But there comes a time when the camera must be put away. And when your family starts making faces like this......that time has come.
So that's all for now.

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