Thursday, January 17, 2013

Found It

I found my camera. So now I can show you what we did today.
We used adjectives, nouns, adverbs and verbs to create stories relating to our Hogwarts theme.
The one here on the right we all did together.
They each did one of their own about a dragon for their journals too.
How do those potty words always find a way in!?!
I'm including this one because it shows the boys 'playing' with a friend of theirs. Everyone on their own tablet....on-line....playing Minecraft.
Quality time?
Yesterday we went to the museum with friends.
E really likes the drama room.
A pretty much runs around and tries a little of everything.
And I finally managed to get the kids into school. Mind you it was a display school.
Lunch with the seagulls. They like to pick their fave parts from everyone's meal.
Hope Granny enjoyed her salad without any feta cheese or olives.
Everything is better with friends.

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Anonymous said...

well, you know what I say, NOTHING better than homeschooling, kinda like playing all the time. Should have had it when I was in school, better than walking 5 miles up hill in the snow, each way, well you know the rest,.....Love everyone Grampy P

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