Sunday, January 13, 2013

That Makes 60

There was a surprise visit from AuntDnna today.
The occasion?
My mom's 60th birthday!
What better birthday fun could be had than bowling?
Grandad was using some fancy form today but it wasn't enough to pull off a win.
M pulled ahead by 4 points in the last frame. Woohoo!
D had two hockey games today but the Nlsn family still made time to play.
It seems Grnny brought gifts for everyone who came to her party.
That's not how that is supposed to work is it?
Turns out she received some good gifts too.

Squeezed in some pizza and wii too. 
Happy Birthday Mom.


Paul G said...

Very Nice - Happy Bday Dodi.

Anonymous said...

congrats Dodi. What a great way to spend your bday, with the "whole gang" and bowling....the sport of choice.... Keep up the outstanding work on the blog J, you are the best..Love Grampy Peter

The Allen Family said...

Thanks J for your all help on my beautiful wife's birthday party...... oh yeah M glad you came through to beat the old guy.

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