Thursday, January 24, 2013


Miss us?
We're back. My computer is repaired.
My dear hubby will need to fix some update/error issues.......but the big stuff is done.
While our co-op has been on break we have been meeting with another family in that time block to do some Hogwarts related stuff. Today they mixed some sore throat potions and played a herbology board game.
They all picked LEGO mini-figs to represent them in the game. 
Over Christmas we saw the Hobbit movie. It has become quite the topic of conversation around here.
We're now reading the book and also do a group 6 week unit on the book. 
They love it and now I have elves and hobbits and dwarves running all around.
I''m taking the boys to see it at the theatre again this weekend. One more time on the big screen.
My youngest son is sock challenged. Or maybe he's allergic. Or maybe he's too savage for socks.
Whatever the reason...he is always taking them off....and subsequently losing them!!
I buy them...he wears them....he loses them....they don't come through the wash....and then we hear,
"Mom....I don't have any socks in my drawer!"

So once again I have had to buy him more socks. How long do we think these ones will last?


The Allen Family said...

I missed you.
Glad you are back on track. Computer are standard equipment now... when mine was down I was so flummoxed.

I have about 6 pairs of socks and a few singles on my dryer... I wondered who owned them?

Jenn said...

There are no socks here. I will keep my eyes open for any free range socks. Hehehe

VMB said...

We have a sock monster at our house named Max. Perhaps he likes to visit you guys at night just to screw with your minds?

He can run REALLY fast. I wouldn't be surprised if he could make the round trip overnight.

Miss you guys!

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